With use of modern color combinations and effortless style, our Fashion Series embodies the print world of high fashion.

With use of modern color combinations and effortless style, our Fashion Series embodies the print world of high fashion.

Laundry room
I need to take this advice!
It's better to be single with high standards than in a relationship settling for less.
Joss Whedon, everyone.
mustard roast beef
Always leave people better than you found them. Hug the hurt. Kiss the broken. Befriend the lost. Love the lonely.
JOY vintage banner. very pretty!
Thanx Bruce
No reason to complain if life gives you lemons and a sweet Corgi puppy!
Quote of a narcissist. Perfect for Jodi Arias!
Goethe's Poems (1874) a stunning example of a wedding guest book.  www.etsy.com/...
Born 1913 in Algeria, Albert Camus studied philosophy, worked in political journalism and wrote fiction and essays. Also active as theatre producer and playwright, he didn't believe in God. Did he go too far? Did he find the truth? Will you?
20+ Smart Quotes About Moving On
Epic one liners.
Sounds like a good idea!
cupcake quotes.
“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails.” — William A. Ward
Signs of Sensory Processing Disorder
spiraling rainbows fractal-image
15 Katharine Hepburn Quotes Every Woman Should Live By - BuzzFeed Mobile
Be kind
The best facial cleansers. I use Clinique and love it, but going to try out Cetaphil.
You'll never forget if you never turn it on!
Your eCards
Pink melon sorbet lip balm by Philosophy. Delicious!
purity made simple, phylosophy
So true.
Lifelong Learners - I have to give students the skills so that they can continue learning even after they leave me. Examples - communication skills, primary document analysis, presentation skills, working well in collaborative groups, etc.
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Good advice. "The best teachers don't give you the answers. They just point the way and let you make your own choices..."
late night campfire debates
Coco Chanel
the Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”
Happy Hour!!!
claude monet
When Disney Superfans Text I'm sure mom would get a kick out of this, she loves funny text pictures
No. 15: Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, $20, 18 Best Face Cleansers
4. For the Adults: I’m Late Anyway Clock, $55 | 35 Clocks That Look Amazingly Not Like Clocks
Candidiasis is the overgrowth of a yeast like fungi in the body and illustrates the concept of dampness in Chinese medicine. Symptoms of dampness are heaviness, sluggishness, mental dullness and edema. Excess candida often exists in high levels in people