"You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

all or nothing... holding something back might as well be lying
Classic Patty Melt. Made this for dinner tonight. Easy and yummy! Mmmm, Southern Cooking is like a long walk in the meadow, you just can never seem to fill up enough on it. ~Paula Deen Down South, we season with salt, pepper, and pork. ~Jamie Deen Be care
Images Of Retirement Party Ideas...you never know when this might come in handy
Low Calorie Green Smoothie--tastes great and only 119 calories per serving! Great way to sneak veggies into your diet!
Sima (Finnish May Day drink -- fermented lemonade) When it's ready, the raisins float to the top!
I've done a lot of things...not all gracefully...but at least I have done something.
This is a huge struggle for me because I often wish I could be someone else particularly in the looks and physical appearance departments. But I am very lucky to be able to have excellent health. Something that many take for granted everyday.
For many moms, cleaning is just one more task that has to get done each day. And the goal is to get it done as fast as humanly possible. Do walk around loathing this duty? Here's a gentle reminder that our daily chores and house upkeep are an act of s
Reading by the sunflower.
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Please share this with anyone you know undergoing chemotherapy now or in the future, it could mean the difference between life and death
A little kindness goes a long way. Fact.
Be kind
<< stop the hate; you never know what someone is going through + how your words will affect them >>
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The technology of touch screens #infographic
issing you....we've all been there with someone we've loved and lost....old relationships or loved ones who have gone on....sooooo true!
The Power of “Me Too”
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Counting our Blessings Can Change our whole outlook on life. This 1-minute devotion shares an interesting story about a song writer who truly counted his blessings daily.
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Chicken Bathing 101 DIY Great info, this was a fun read. » The Homestead Survival
The Wonder Weeks, week by week. So far, his mood, appetite, and sleep habits have been right on with this chart.
Never stop learning, doing and trying new things....you NEVER know where it might take you!
Yes I will
Tips for Destination Weddings
how to make a tutu
You'd never know but there's Nutella in there.
Jazz quote If you have to ask what jazz is you'll by drawspots, $38.00
ARNI gold leather and suede platform brogues
1000 Life Hacks
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Smashed Blueberry Lemon Loaf Cake made with Nonfat Greek Yogurt
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