Ian Foster, Untitled, mixed media, collage

Ian Foster, Untitled, mixed media, collage

Complete and Authoritative Book of Games by Brian Dettmer: Carved book. #Sculpture #Book #Upcycle
so pretty
Diane Salter turns her 4" and 6" round #Gelli prints into this gorgeous mixed media collage! My Art Journal: Round Gelli Plate Tutorial Part 2
arvel Super Heroes Four Print Deal - Dictionary Art Print Up-cycled Antique Book Art Page, Wall Decor, Wall Art , Mixed Media Collage
fabric/paper collage
1 pt Perspective: forget the collage, have kids draw w sharpie, add monochrom color, cut out individual shapes and glue onto ?? background
ANCIENT THOUGHTS IV- Abstract Painting- Mixed Media & Collage by Cristina Del Sol
y Art Journal: Mixed Media Paintings love this ... ok, not actually inches.... but could be...
Looking for a fun & easy craft project to wrap up these last few days of summer? These beautiful mixed media collages let your kids express their own individuality and will keep them busy all afternoon!  Plus enter to win one of three sets of Label La
⌼ Artistic Assemblages ⌼  Mixed Media & Collage Art - Collage 179 by kimama
Wow!Ron Pippin
Scripture Print
Serendipity Girl Art Mixed Media Collage Canvas - Her Time To Shine.
Chicken Lover original mixed media collage by presentbydesign, $120.00
Abstract Mixed media collage by rcolo
journal page
AlterEgo103 Mixed Media Collage by ellis cooke
Small art quilt, prayer flag, no fear
mano k. art boxes, all of may 2012
ART PRINT - Mixed media collage By Mirel E.Ologeanu.
We are ALL creating the new World. Love and Light Judy
mbroidered x-rays by Matthew Cox
This is a mixed media collage that really intrigues me, and makes me want to learn more about this artist.
Star Jar - PAPER PRINT, terrarium jar, nature print, mason jar, mountain poster, night sky, moon stars, mixed media collage art
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ixed Media Collage on Canvas
ixed Media Collage by EcclesiastesOneTen
ixed Media Technique Demonstration by De Gillet
⌼ Artistic Assemblages ⌼ Mixed Media & Collage Art - The Guardians.
ixed Media collage (and she shows how to do a photo transfer on top of this, but I just really love this stage of the process!)
Guriana: Mixed Media
Rebecca Sower's mixed media art
Paper Mache Collage
Glimmering Prize: Mixed Media Collage and Assemblage by Lorraine Reynolds: August 2011
"The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure."
Sadness - collage; I'm not picking up on sadness when she has a smug look on her face. Maybe a tear or two? However, the technique here is incredible.
ixed media collage