mini terranium. Abby and Karis had so much fun making these!

mini terranium. Abby and Karis had so much fun making these!

ther's day gift ideas with mason jars
DIY Terrariums, definitely trying this for a res hall program
.: Transferring Images Onto Stone ~ Mindful Giving :. Seal them and you have a great little decor item for your garden, indoor plant, terrarium or just to carry with you in your pocket. Strangely appealing, isn't it?
mason jar terrariums
arimo terrarium, lightbulb terrarium, Aqua terrarium, zen garden, living home decor, wedding favor, hostess gift on Etsy, $35.00
{BLOGGED}: DIY Freshwater Terrarium|make one with a floating water plant : )
Adorable Mini Terrariums in magnetic spice containers. Maybe do as ornaments???
Juise: DIY to Make a Faerie Well so doing this for the fairy house I'm working on!!
Spring under Glass - Cottage at the Crossroads
Great idea for the sun deck. Would look good in an old birdcage too.
spice jar terrarium
Desert Terrarium Grouping
How To Make A Fairy Garden Terrarium | Ilona's Garden
h my! cutest little mason jars from a woodland themed baby shower {via life rearranged}
It's been years now that our dear Abby has thought she had a black thumb just because every time we gave her a plant, even if it is a very hearty plant, she seemed to kill it. But one step into Abby's magnificent home will reveal that it's not
succulent terrarium. I could keep the few plants I brought back from California
Indoor Tabletop Water Garden
Bring your plants indoors when it gets cold and use a SOCKER greenhouse to keep your herbs all winter long.
Tree house terrarium by LivePlatform on Etsy, $625.00
Plantint a Terrarium
Glasscape Fishbowl by aruliden // Honoured with a red dot design award, and described as “beautiful” by The New York Times, it’s fair to say that the aruliden Glasscape has made a few waves in the world of design... each one is individually hand-blown #pr
So I've been wanting to do something with my old fish tank since i cant trust myself to have fish anymore :( But this is a fun idea!!
Love succulents
ArtSea Chic: DIY Freshwater Terrarium
Terrarium Glass Hanging Double Hook with Succulents Vertical Gardening DIY Kit via Etsy
Tiny Terrariums in The BULLETIN at Terrain
Add a Miniature Waterfall, Pond or River to your Terrarium - Unique Terrarium Accessory - Handmade by Gypsy Raku. I enjoy doing it.
Bohemian Vintage: Bohemian Wednesday - Valerie Mangum's Boho Interior - 05.22.2013
This is my Favorite Fern! • Maidenhair Ferns are a great option because they have frilly fun leaves that vary from the usual thick leaves of indoor plants. Most Ferns do well inside with low light (and ferns look great in terrariums) so check out others l
chid terrariums...
When my screen finally goes, this is what I am doing! The Most Adorable Thing I've Ever Seen: French Press Re-purposed as a Terrarium
from grow little, terrarium atelier in paris. i love the pine tree-esque fern in it
Fairy Gardening » Fruit Basket - Flowerland
I'm not 100% sure what this is, I just know I need it.                        Nightstand turned into wardian case?
I think I might try to make a Terrarium. Hopefully it will turn out to look somewhat like the picture :)