Things About Boyfriends

Things About Boyfriends

Absolutely. If I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is talk to him for just a minute...makes everything better!
How comforting his voice is.... ♥ (things about boyfriends)
Things About Boyfriends : Especially If he's concentrating with his glasses on rather than his contacts! Too cute!
Nuff said
Kisses down your back when he gives you a massage... ♥ Things About Boyfriends
Hearing him talk about wanting a future with you... ♥ Things about Boyfriends
When they rub your thumb while holding your hand.. ♥ (Things About Boyfriends)
He's always warm... ♥ it's true!
Things About Boyfriends  dear alie i am dating someone his name is jay he live 2 house down we start on the 6 of july on a satday i love him so much And he is going to are school he is goimg to be a 9th grand.
Reading old text messages when you miss him... ♥ (things about boyfriends)
Billy Kiraly II by David Vance. My heart just skipped a damn beat!!