a big wish of mine...rabbit hutches with worm bins. and i love the color too!

a big wish of mine...rabbit hutches with worm bins.  and i love the color too!

Rabbit hutch - a few pics to show construction- sturdy. would be easy to add a small "house" to this
Gallery of recommended rabbit housing | Rabbit hutch photos | Pictures of alternative living areas for bunnies
SIMPLE DESIGN FOR A RABBIT CAGE. I really like this idea. need a little taller and an human access door as well as a maybe separation for the sides in case of babies. need to be kept away from males
I've got to build my cat an outdoor cat house
What a lovely little chalet style coop.
Bright, quirky chicken coop
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DIY one day I want a chicken coop I like this one
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Outdoor Rabbit Hutch. Wish I could find the person/company that made this one to find out what it costs. I want to make one for my rabbits and like the idea of the outdoor enclosed area for bunnies that this cage offers. I would like to do something simil
Rabbit cage and rabbit hutch building plans
Love this set up
Crib turned rabbit hutch! Yes looking for something to do with the old crib!  Could make into chicken coop, or cage for any small animal.  Great idea!
Quick & Easy DIY chicken coop: Pingkay 84"*34"*53" Deluxe Backyard Chicken Coop / Hen House / Rabbit Hutch w/ Run  -- by Olly Star.  Click for more details.
Chicken coops...COOL
Small Chicken Coop Plans (up to 4 chickens) from My Pet Chicken
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abbit hutch
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The shed and beyond.: Chicken coop from a pile of pallets ...
chicken coop
Deluxe Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop Pen House Pet Habitat Double Run $999.99
abbit pen plans | easiest tool to make rabbit cages, info on building rabbit cages
Awesome chicken coop on a small footprint
Duck House
Double 4 x 4 Rabbit Hutch. Kaye Surface I like this as a rabbit hutch, but instead of the shingles, use just some old tin. :)
OMG those are bunnies
Victorian dollhouse rabbit hutch
Rabbit hutch
Rabbit hutch 3 by FarmCity Food Gardens, via Flickr.  Like the lift up roof - so easy to get the rabbits out.
Giant Super Large Rabbit Cage | GIANT 2.8M Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Hen Chook House 9R
how to build a rabbit hutch
Oh man! How cute is this hen house?
Outdoor rabbit hutch tutorial
how to build a wooden rabbit hutch $10 plans
Adorable blue coop.
diy rabbit cage | BUILD YOUR OWN RABBIT HUTCH OR CAGE or Build a Dog Kennel