Cute vintage bathroom - love the minty aqua floor!

Cute vintage bathroom - love the minty aqua floor!

Alexa Hampton’s New York City famly room
Looks decoratorey, kind the coolness and big proportions make me feel I'm visiting the grown-up's room where I'm not supposed to relax and hang out.. That said, it's good looking!!
Cool garden planter wall
Zardozi is a Persian word that means Sewing with gold string. Zardozi is one of the most important elements of Iranain cultural signs and Handicrafts. It is named around the country by names such Zar-douzi (Persian: زردوزی‎), Kam-douzi (Persian: کم‌دوزی‎)
Tetris Apartments / OFIS arhitekti
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Hot glue paint chips to the inside of a poster frame for a dry erase calendar that actually matches your kitchen towels.
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Hardware Detail in a Paris Apartment
Welcome to basic training. Listen up, recruits: It’s a new year and time to get down to business. That means organizing, hacking, stashing and storing your way to a shipshape space.
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How To Decorate Like a Parisian from apartment therepy. Get the tips in how to decoarate in the Parisian style. I think the tips are great but ignore the bit about keeping walls white. Europeans embracve color that we north americans are terrified of.
Living Space.
Walk-in Closet Bed
iroslava Duma
{Stockholm rug from IKEA} Nina Bakos Portland Studio house tour on Apartment Therapy | rug $200-350
This layout is wonderful - a wall of IKEA shelves, a modern boxed sofa, well-defined space with rug, and tons of interesting / unevenly shaped odd pieces adding fun to the living room! Using an extra long dresser to serve as room divider to the kitchen as
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Jonya & Brad's Modern A–Frame House Tour
teeny apartment kitchen: Just great what you can do with such a tiny space. They gave it a special stage, lowered ceiling (perhaps to add pot lights). Opening up by NOT having shelves over the right counter was smart, to give the space room to breathe and
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Catios: The fanciest outdoor cat inclosures look like an extension of the house, or as cats call them, indoor human enclosures. Can use for cat, turtles, bunnies. Good cause it's too small for humans so don't worry about stepping on turtle