Cloud Pin Boards- easy DIY project to just cut out cork board and paint it white - If we made these bigger, they would be awesome in a prayer space.

Cloud Pin Boards- easy DIY project to just cut out cork board and paint it white - If we made these bigger, they would be awesome in a prayer space.

Super Simple Starfish Wall Decor | Love this idea...
for your 2 small bookcases. choose a color from your color scheme. Get four small cork boards, cover two with fabric. OR use what you already have and hang it on the wall above the shelves. Add flowers on each side and trays of paper in the middle.
Stylish Organization, DIY Grid Bulletin Board System
fabric cork board - I think I'll do this for my sewing room. (note:link makes you sign into tumblr to view. I'm pretty sure I can figure this out on my own. TK)
wine cork board
Chevron Painted Corkboard DIY for a Dorm Room
Workspace with a cork wall
A dressed corkboard is more beautiful than a naked corkboard. I saw another idea where they first secured the fabric with a spray adhesive. Nice.
DIY: Cork Tile Placemat From Wine Corks
Why not spread the love by sending your guests home with these lovely cork board coasters? The perfect favor for a summer wedding (summer is full of parties and BBQs), or even an addition to the place settings at the wedding!
Chalkboard paint book bag - brilliant!
DIY: Decorative bulletin board. Cover a cork bulletin board with fabric. Trim the board with gold nails  paint the wooden frame!
How to make your own bulletin board.... LOWES sells the cork board by the roll for about $8-$10!!!!  So glad to finally know where I can find it cheaper than the craft store!!!!
Copycat Chic - make PB Teen's swiveling organizer (their cost $599) by buying one from Target ($79) and adding cork board and mirror!
Oh, I could make something like this for my kitchen...
Shabby Chic Nautical Beach Cottage Cork Board Entryway Vase Flower Key ring Coat Rack Hanger Mail holder Organizer in Distressed Watery
So easy - but so fun!
Unshrink a sweater with baby shampoo.
canvas map wall decor {tutorial} >> This is exactly what I was going to do with a few maps I have! Awesome!
Upholstery + nailhead detail
Bottle Cap Flower Magnets-- Now here's My idea: instead of gluing magnets to the back, why not thumbtacks for the office/school/etc. cork board!? (Also, I figure the "making process" could be simplified.)
AΞ∆ sugar! paint on the cork board
Fabric covererd cork board
These fabric pin boards from Ballard Designs can be customized in dozens of fabrics . . . florals, chevron, stripes, etc. Love the nailheads too!
White space
Cork Board
Wall Calendar of Saints
I made these with a hot glue gun. Works perfect, looks awesome on your pinboard.
adorable idea for my dorm, I know they have a KD one because I don't think Hayes or South have bulletin boards.
Basic but beautiful (and useful): Hang costume jewelry on a corkboard.
// giant corkboard for artwork
16 Easy DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas | Her Campus
Scrabble Coasters You’ll need: A package of gently used, square edged Scrabble tiles* E-6000 glue 1 thin cork board or pre-cut cork coasters Sharp scissors or an X-acto knife Clear Polyurethane spray *I purchased two packs of 100-letters from Amazon for m
15 Great Home Office Ideas | Like the style of this room. I already have the fabric that the ottoman is covered in to recover a chair.
Cool way to organize earings. Sooooo simple! A bulletin board, ribbon and tacks. Why didn't I think of that???
Easy DIY Earrings did I never think of this??
Corkboard calendar - I like that you can pin stuff right on the board.