The walking dead
Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, & Steven Yeun
It's bill freaking Murray!
Norman Reedus
An Arrow A Day Keeps The Walkers Away by stevebluey on Redbubble
One of my top 3 favorite pics of the man!  28 Issues Norman Reedus Doesn't Give A F&%$ About
Daryl and Carol
Daryl Dixon
Norman Reedus shot by adam ewing
'Walking Dead': New EW Character Portraits, Daryl Dixon
11 Reasons 'The Walking Dead's ' Norman Reedus Is The Biggest Badass On The Planet.
h lord that face!
Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln on set of 4x08 "Too Far Gone"
This poster. Autographed. And if it comes with Norman Reedus, even better.
Norman Reedus for So it goes Magazin
Norman Reedus & Aaron Paul, SDCC my favorites from Walking Dead and Breaking Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!  Katie:  I should just put this in its own category called, "Cool sh!t I missed even though I was AT SDCC."
Daryl with Carol
You know just sitting here being sexy. No big deal.
Extended Cut of The Walking Dead TWC Super Bowl Commercial. How did I miss THIS??
If you watched last get it! Claimed ~ The Walking Dead I claimed him! He's mine! ;)
Daryl & Carol - I love that whole exchange, they are so awesome.
Girls wanna get with him. Guys wanna be him (or possibly a secret man-crush)... I'm talking about #NormanReedus, aka #DarylDixon—possibly the most badass and/or coveted role. Since Daryl isn't in the comic book series, Norman gets to do whatever h
Walking Dead
Daryl falls down a cliff, gets impaled by an arrow, and gets shot in the head by Andrea, and only stayed in bed a day. I just love Daryl. Biceps and all.
Daryl Dixon - Norman Reedus - The Walking Dead
▶ Norman Reedus (Daryl from The Walking Dead) Reads Romantic Texts ­Messages - YouTube
Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus
Calling all Norman Reedus fans! If you, like me, feel there has been not nearly enough focus on our favorite varmint-chugging, crossbow-toti...