Solar Plexus
Root Chakra Healing
4th Heart Chakra essential oils. Be open to giving and receiving love. Ability to heal from sadness.
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Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmation by CarlyMarie
Blue dream.... #Cannabis Blue Dream is known for energy for the heart chakra
ye contact. a third chakra can become depleted or corded when an individual loses themselves in a room with other people. Own the space. Put your energy in the room. Take a piece of your energy (yellow) and place it in four corners of the room ceiling and
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Different types of headaches and how to tell the difference between them.
Chakra Meditation unlocks the goddess energy,power and purpose within you. It's simple, feels great and you will shine! Come learn how to meditate for beginners.
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Do you listen to and follow your intuition? Listen to this full, guided meditation for the Third Eye Chakra. #chakrajourney
Crystal of the Week : Peridot “Peridot is a known healing crystal that sends it’s energies to the Heart Chakra, bringing positive energy and encouraging mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Crystal healers love Peridot for it’s ability to awaken one t
Wearing: Teeki pants, Athleta tank. Using: Manduka black mat pro.
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Essential oils for balancing chakras
GINGER ROOT Magickal uses: Balance, Clarity, Love, Money manifestations, success, power, stability, healing, passion, grounding ELEMENT: Fire PLANETS: Mars CHAKRAS : 3rd -Solar Plexus Chakra
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Colors Meditation, Aura, and Healing Levels
Crystals for Self Love — You are worthy of love! Increase your love for yourself with Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, or Rhodonite. — Related Chakra: Heart — Affirmation: "I love and accept myself completely."
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Chakra Light Catcher of the Pentacle - pagan wiccan witchcraft magick ritual supplies
Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation Are you feeling depleted, and in need of energy? Do you want to activate spiritual, physical and emotional healing all over your body? Are you ready to experience the powerful practice of chakra healing? This meditation w
CROWN: Quartz, Amethyst, Celestite, Jade, Diamond, Gold Calcite, THIRD EYE: Amethyst, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Azurite THROAT: Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Celestite, Blue-Laced Agate HEART: Emerald, Jade, Aventurine Quartz, Rose Quartz,
Seven Chakras Of The Body - What Are They | Chakra Healing
Kyanite/Kionite ~ Great for the Throat Chakra. It removes energy blockages and provides a protective energy to the area. Can be quite useful in stabilizing the the nerves and calming during stressful situations. It increases energy and stamina. Good for g
Benefits of linga mudra: This is very useful for coughs and colds . It slowly removes the unwanted phelgm in the body. Also helps to reduce weight. Increases the heat in the body.
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From boosting our hearts and minds to fighting addiction and stress, meditation can truly transform our lives.
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10 ways to Heal & Balance your chakras - There are many ways one can begin to balance their HEART CHAKRA. Here are several useful methods, including aromatherapy, visualisations, affirmations, mudra, yoga poses, nutrition, reflexology color, nature an
Georges Chakra
7 Herbal Chakra Healing Teas by Earth Energy Healings
7 Tips For Boosting Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) | Levo League | #leadership #eq #behavior