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I hope the person who came up with this idea wasn't planning on giving it to their English teacher. LOL!
12 Animal Memes That Make Us LOL: Just about everywhere you turn there's a silly animal meme: advice animals, grumpy cats, and puns galore.
When this English game drove everyone crazy. | 21 Times Tumblr Proved English Is The Worst Language Ev
The Gentleman's Guide #86 Even Prettiest Woman Could Feel Insecure If She Loves A Wrong Man What Makes Her Beautiful Is A Man Who can Treat Her Right.
Hmmmm.... Drama will never be out of narcissistic people's lives.!.!. only for the fact that they will never be at peace with their own self! So why not hurt people just to make up for their own jealousy and insecurities!?!?! GET A CLUE & GET MOVI
Fourth Grade Language Arts These are really good worksheets because they help with word building, punctuation, and grammar.
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LOVE!! My #1 grammar pet peeve, which leads to my husband's #1 pet peeve....correcting his grammar! :)
A Wordly Mistake: Top 20 Grammar Mistakes in Journalism (Infographic)
2nd Grade Smarty-Arties taught by the Groovy Grandma!
Things to Do Around Oahu on a Budget | Oahu tips and tricks, Turtle Bay, Kate's Survival Guide
#Oswald #Chambers on why we #write. So, so good!
Awesomely hilarious comics to help improve your punctuation. I need this in my life more than you know. My use of grammar is atrocious.
589 korean grammar - tense 1. VERY helpful.
Teaching with picture books-this website is AWESOME!
I Would Date You But You're Not Pete Wentz Tshirt by HeyYoungBlood, $19.95--- XD Does this come in Andy Hurley?❓
This is an egg activity that I created for my students to sort words into their parts of speech. It is a classic
Not necessarily "rage"... but it does drive me a bit crazy. xP
26 Funniest Things Tumblr Has Ever Said About Harry Potter | SMOSH
30 Funny animal captions - part 8 (30 pics) | Amazing Creatures
Spiral Language Homework, Morning Work, or Centers for the ENTIRE YEAR of THIRD GRADE! Aligned with 3rd grade Common Core Language standards {Grammar & Word Study}. These sheets are 100% EDITABLE, and come with answer keys. $
How to write good // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
When you’re hungover… | 22 Shirts That Explain Your Feelings So You Don't Have To Aethra Clark
This is what's important- sick of people making me feel bad as a mom and my son discouraged because is is behind!!!
DIY Shopping Cart & Highchair Cover with Ribbon Tag Tutorial | Creative House Blog
Great idea for roots during a grammar lesson!
34 Typographic Sins. Does anyone else remember being taught to use two spaces at the end of sentences? Am I showing my age?
This the first "cheap" teacher appreciation gift that I have seen...that I actually like. This is funny and cute
Grammatical Name Art - 1: Write name in bubble letters. 2: First letter write nouns that relate to you (common or proper nouns). 3: Second letter write verbs that relate to you (action or linking verbs). 4: Third letter write adjectives that describe you.
Lego Fortress - From 62 Stunning Lego pics, photos and memes. - SillyCool
Website that has lots of different ideas for teaching grammar in the classroom. It's a collection of different blogs, pins and websites. #grammartime
I'm Comin' Home: | 26 Texts You Need To See Before You Die. Hahaha!! This is why you use correct grammar!!