Jordin Sparks shows off her sleek new figure on SHAPE!
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What I want my end result to be! Fit girl.
Christmas Abbott tattoos.... Crossfit badass. Love her!
HER BODY..lol It's my birthday I can wish for whatever I want
Blake lively is face goals, body goals, style goals, life goals & every goal there is lol
Nicki Minaj just released one of the most controversial videos we've seen this year...
The fact that she exists makes it hard for the rest of us to live in denial about our weight! Oh Yeah! Sponsored Athlete Amanda Adams Talks To Muscle and Strength
.looks like Michelle Lewin
Fitness Freak
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How to Break Out of Your Workout Rut | How to trick your muscles into being more efficient.
Curvy and beautiful , skinny alone does not magically make you healthy - healthy can look different for everyone
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#MyGoal #Motivation Lazar Angelov
weight loss
Serena Williams curves, Miami beach
✩Fit and Curvy is the way I want to be✩
Beautiful body, and let's face it, I'm shaped more like this anyway. This is a realistic and healthy goal for my body.
Girls...especially Britty pie...you cannot continue to eat like you are and expect to cram a year's worth of cardio into 8 weeks again...and look like this. April abs are MADE IN OCTOBER. Just sayin. No crying come springtime, ladies.
Goal body
I don't think my waist will ever be this small but i would love to get my body to this after ari is born!
This makes me sad. Her legs are amazing!! Why can't mine look like this?!!! Waaaahh!!