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This is such a perfect Percy and Annabeth from the early books.  He so doesn't understand her yet.
The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus Series #2)
Love it
Too many too count
That's rough, buddy.
The Little Mermaid comes to Blu-ray October 1!
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Celaena-Chaol fan-art by Linnea!
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i think i just starting crying class reading this! this is so sweet and aww and sad.... WHY FEELS !
I got a very heavy load of Percabeth and Frazel, dang that's going to be expensive for feels...oh I almost forgot to load the Caleo. *checks off list*
I like how Hazels just like 'Hey Nico!' and Nicos like 'Hazel, Hazel theres a string on my head.'
Lol. Even Zeus ships it.<----Admit it this is how we all are when we hear Percabeth
AWWWWWWW but she “bororrowed” coughSTOLEcough shirts and stuff in the lightning thief
Hobbes and Bacon :)
percy jackson headcanons Love percabeth!!!!!
Percy and Annabeth
Hahahaha<<< I think all the fangirls would be Jason in this one. And then we would start to cry.
Explaining your dissertation to laypeople
Thanks to you, @Kayla Barkett Barkett Barkett Pickron, that quote keeps running through my head each time I try and write a Cute Xander and Bly scene.  And I start laughing instead of feeling all bubbly.  I'm ruined.  Totally ruined.  XD
No matter how loud you scream, your OTP can’t hear you. | Community Post: 17 Struggles Of Having An OTP
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Leo Valdez From Percy Jackson | calypso, leo valdez, percy jackson
issing you
That's So True | gods thats so true! - the-heroes-of-olympus Photo
The Last Olympian
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Old fashioned Percabeth ♥
:-) ♥ This is so so true!!!! and I love them for it!!!!!
Yay! Percy!
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase
I am literally crying this is just too perfect.
When I read this, I immediately went, "...Percy Jackson meets Peeta? 0.o"
Rupert Grint and Emma Watson (Harry Potter)
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chas