DIY Colorful Duct Tape Roses

DIY Colorful Duct Tape Roses

From duct tape to fabric scraps, here are 20 crafts that cost almost nothing to make!-Great for craft summer camp
DIY no-sew duct tape bag - crazy easy to do!!  What a great idea - I'm going to try making these bigger as storage bins for my boys' rooms!!
1D Duck Tape™
DKNY metallic silver skirt ♥
How to Organize Cords, Customize Your Keyboard, & Make Your Desk Nonslip with DIY Fabric Tape « MacGyverisms
Duct tape dress for your American girl doll or Alexandre doll! Got some spare duct tape? Try a few ideas on your dolls!
See all the latest Duck Tape craft videos and earn points toward exclusive prizes at the #DuckTapeClub!
♥ ► Envelope Mini Album Series, Episode 4 - YouTube. 4 of 5. This deserves the time it takes to watch all 5 tutorials. ღ
Hello Kitty duct tape bag. I'm off to buy white duck tape brand duct tape.
duct tape prison bars - for paul and silas
DIY fabric floor mat...super easy to make!
How to make boots out of duct tape (for superhero costumes and that sort of thing)
Leopard Ducktape Pumpkin! #Halloween #DIY #Conceptcandieinteriors likes this idea!
Fifth in the Middle: Pencil Challenge. "For each student in every class, I wrapped a piece of brightly-colored duct tape around the end of his/her pencil, near the eraser. The next day, I took "pencil attendance" after taking regular attend
Everyone is making things using Duct Tape! Kids especially seem to love it. Here are 20 Crafts Using Duct Tape!
R2-D2 Fridg
PVC & Duct tape to make North Pole that lights up
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She made WHAT out of duct tape? Now why didn't I think of that? 7 new ideas
PVC Pipe Whisper Phones.  Love the duct tape to make them pretty.
Duck Tape® DIY Light Switch Covers - The Crafty Blog Stalker
Possibly and great "Menu Board" for my Classroom Cafe. Other great ideas on classroom organization on here, too!
Texture Touch Boxesade from empty tissue boxes
ake a sesame street duct tape wallet and stuff it with an activity or play cards - Brilliant! We know lots of fans of Elmo, and BLESS the makers of fun colored duct tape! :)
How to make costume/cosplay armor out of EVA foam
Little Bit Funky: 20 minute crafter - chapstick cozy - {five minute edition}
No matter where you're traveling next, there are a few things you can add to your grab-and-go bag that will make everything run a little more smoothly. Meet eight items that will turn you into the MacGyver of the vacation set. (From: 8 Items You Never
These wonderful packing tips and moving tips will make your life so much easier. You're going to love some of the ideas when you see how simple they are and how much time they are going to save you.
Or open that pesky jar, rusted shut after a decade. | 20 Easy Post-Apocalypse Life Hacks Any Survivor Can Do
Q-Tip War - Straw and 10 qtips per person. Line or net down middle. Shoot the across net until time is up. Winner has fewest on their side.
DIY Matching School Supplies Duct Tape creations. Love me so decorative duct tape!!!
|| How to do every stage of a shipping container house, from foundation to paint to walls to windows
making light boxes for stage sets out of air filters and duct tape. Would be neat to use patterned or colored duct tape. Maybe try spray painting or dying the filters for colored lights?
Brilliant!!! Chalkboard Tables -- Paint the tops of your tables with chalkboard paint and then use colored duct tape around the edge of the tables. Would they let me do this?
15 Cool Duct Tape Wallets. I like the way they put the stripes on the wallets on top of the picture.
duct tape
Doll Craft- Make a Trendy Doll Backpack from Duck Tape
And this random act of kindness: | 33 Pictures That Will Make You Proud To Be A Human Being Again
DIY- Passing Practice Tarp a Backyard Game. Cut out several squares in the tarp and out line each square with a colored duct tape. Put a number under each square foot points. Now get a football and start throwing it through those squares :)
DIY Duct Tape Brownstone Dollhouse from Merrilee Liddiard's book PLAYFUL; photo by Nicole Gerulat #playfultoysandcrafts
Quick and easy way to recycle icing containers into classroom storage containers!
30 Cute Duct Tape Dress Ideas | 101 Duct Tape Crafts