Blue Japanese Irises in the Lower Pond of the Portland Japanese Garden.

Blue Japanese Irises in the Lower Pond of the Portland Japanese Garden.

Golden Gardens Park | This gorgeous park—a forest on a hill that goes down to the beach on the Puget Sound—offers spectacular views. | #BHLDNseattle
Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan
“it is impossible to build one's own happiness on the unhappiness of others. This perspective is at the heart of Buddhist teachings.”
japanese garden
Japanese Gardens Modern bonsai by Kenji Kobayaski
Kitty is doing extensive research on the principles of Feng Shui.  It took her over an hour to decide the most harmonious place to lie down for a nap.
magic woodland steps
Portland Japanese Gardens..I am so taking the train to Portland to see this.
Japanese Garden Themed Kids Birthday Party 0756...this style centerpiece could work for various themes depending on paper used
Nanzen-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan
small space Japanese garden
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Dragon Tree, Portland, Oregon
japanese Garden-omg, a drEAm getaway
japanese garden / shisen-dō, kyoto 詩仙堂 京都
Hiding the water heater in a Japanese garden.
Calla Lilies
Holiday laser light show in the traditional Japanese garden at Hotel Chinzanso, Toky
Autumn Serenity In Portland, Oregon Japanese Gardens
Japanese Garden in Nikko ~ Tochigi, Japan | Keiichi Taguchi 逍遥園
Beautiful Japanese Maple In Portland, Oregon
Konpuku-Ji was established in 864 as the Tendai sect Buddhist temple. It was restored twice and had been converted to Rinzai sect.   When the legendary poet, Matsuo Basho, traveled in Kyoto, he stayed in the temple hut; therefore the hut was later called
The Japanese garden in #Portland #Oregon is one of the best in America. Photo courtesy of thenearandfar on Instagram.
stepping stone paths -
Japanese Garden at Zilker Botanical Gardens, Austin
Japanese Garden, Portland Oregon
small courtyard
Japanese Garden Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas
Japanese gardens rely on subtle color contrast and bold textural differences to create interest.  Here chartreuse and green hostas surround the base of a tree while variegated hakone grass softens the edge of the bed.
Portland japanese garden~ Been there, oh so lovely
I firmly believe that when you take care of a tree, you take care of yourself. I've never raised multiple bonsai trees in the same pot, but now I'm considering it.
Halnaker, West Sussex, England - THE BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS
Simple Style: The Subtle Appeal of Japanese Gardens.  Like the contrast of the maple tree in front of the mirrored glass waterfall.