Birdcage of succulents
Container garden. Lovely.
Echeveria Agavoides
beautiful succulent and garden rose centerpieces /// Photo: Jodi Miller Photography, Venue: Montpelier, Floral Designer: Sugar Magnolias
Hens and chicks planted in old boots
Succulent edging…
Tips on Succulents - Cupcakes and Cashmere
Flip a tomato cage upside down and plant with succulents for year round green both inside and outside. Via Tracy Porter
Tree of Terracotta Pots filled with Hens and Chicks, Sedum & other Succulents
It's beautiful...Chair full of succulents
Clever! I must try a few more of these, bringing in my tender succulents 32 reasons succulents are the best plants ever.
Paint, varnish, add succulents to your strawberry pots....bring inside during the winter for instant color & life!
Succulent trucks - my son has a ton of these.  Think he would notice if I re-purpose one or two of them??
Container gardening ~
One of the most popular quandaries for brides planning their wedding day is how to coordinate an invitation suite with their decor and overall wedding look. Luc
How to make a this stunning succulent wreath with full step-by-step instructions.
How to Make a Glass Globe Terrarium | #michaelsmakers
Echeveria agavoides "Romeo"
luscious succulent bouquet from Modern Bouquet // photo by Studio Castillero
Easy DIY Project: How to Make a Pocket Wall Planter
Up-cycle light fixtures
One of the fun things about Succulents is that they look terrific in all kinds of containers and they are easy to grow (even for those with “black thumbs”). There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors of succulents that it’s easy to make a beauti
This is a project that enthralls and intrigues everyone who sees it; you can build one too; just pick up a couple of coir lined hanging baskets, fill with soil, wire them together and stick some Sempervivum chicks on the coir. After a year, they will fill
How to plant succulents
Great tips for making stunning potted plant arrangements - can't wait to add some color to my deck!
DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and Fern
Succulent garden with rock planters
DIY: Vertical Garden.
Pots with succulents at entry stairs from street | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Colorful Living Stones Succulents
Amazing Indoor Plants - Easy to grow in your apartment At Alexan Creekside Apartments in Tomball, TX!!
I love the idea of planting succulents in interesting bowls/ pots to add life to a space.
Succulent garden with rocks are a lovely way to create a drought tolerant landscape
String of Pearls-
Sempervivum calcareum
Succulent cupcakes. kyleen menard menard menard Hjembo: I should've made THESE the other day!
succulent garden
Suclents in Bricks--great way to repurpose extra bricks!
DIY Stamped Clay Succulent Pots