Photo gallery of common health problems with guinea pigs, and suggested options for treatment

Photo gallery of common health problems with guinea pigs, and suggested options for treatment

fisticubs:For the people that follow me for piggies:  Hark! A pig!
Sweet DIY cage for Guinea pigs :) hey Jenna and Mitch- You guys should build this!!!
DIY guinea pig cage
i wasn't aware that guinea pigs like stuffed animals. i'll have to put one in the new cage ... YES! They love them .. use them as pillows :) piggies love them. We wash them along with their beds each week.
This looks exactly like my old guinea pig Fidget :,( I miss her.
Article: "How to Build a Stronger Bond with Your Guinea Pig."
Organizing Pet Supplies - Well-Groomed how the curtain was added. Looks like an easy DIY
Waterproof fleece mat that fits under the water bottle to catch any drips. Guinea Pig cage solution.
ini clay Guinea Pigs! I should try and make some for Leni and Evy since they keep begging they want a guinea, Mayra Ramirez
Clay guinea pigs from Quernus Crafts
Chibi Tutorial: The Squiggly Bean by *Karijn ITS A BEAN! AWWW
iniature Guinea Pig Orange Black and White by angcreations, $10.00
How to Grow Pet Grass - Why not grow some tasty treats for your pets? Cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits love to nibble plants, but it's important to provide them with ones they can safely eat. The grasses grown here provide nutrition for your pets a
Kitty and Guinea piggie pals
Guinea pig
Taming of the Guinea Pig: 101 Wonderful tips and info for new guinea pig owners! (One tip...not all piggies like to lay on their back...mine included! Hehe! )
Lots of ideas for homemade guinea pig toys
A rabbit card by Anita Jeram
13 year old dog with cancer is granted dying wish... to adopt baby guinea pigs!! ♥
This guinea pig in a beautiful sombrero. | The 24 Most Important Guinea Pigs In The Entire World
"Namast-HAY" Guinea pig yoga poster. I want it!!!!!!
Guinea Pigs' Cavy Club Tips & Pics: Guinea Pig Funnies Just for Fun
9 Things to Know About Ducks.   Wow!  Duck eggs are really amazing!
#GuineaPig 101: Fleece Bedding. Everything you need to know!
Small pet fleece house hideaway... Just DIYed this, top and bottom are quarter circles, rectangular strips for the sides, cut out hole. Not too bad, hiding the seams was a little tricky.
Guinea pig cage ideas .   good idea for ramp to loft/ food
Guinea pig safe veggie list
baby guinea pig
You'll love this.
y Pigs New House
Well thought out chick brooding cabinet with extensive DIY plans. Very cute, crafty and flexible.
Great Idea for Stone Art
Guinea Piggies
This guinea pig who might also be 2 Chainz. | The 24 Most Important Guinea Pigs In The Entire World
Piggie yoga?
Put a brick underneath the water bottle to absorb drips and keep bedding dry, and wear down piggy nails too!
House Plants safe for cats - which indoor plants are toxic to cats? We will help you to  select cat friendly house plants that won't harm your pet. You can have cats and house plants!
Juicy Screw (1 Part Pucker Strawberry Schnapps 1 Part Pinnacle Vodka 3 Parts Orange Juice Splash Tonic)
Guinea pig cage
10 Common Guinea Pig Behaviors Explained. From squealing to sleeping with their eyes open, pet guinea pigs baffle and charm us with their behavior.
Guinea Pigs in Hats