Casa Incubo shipping container house is called an "icon of sustainability." : TreeHugg

Casa Incubo shipping container house is called an "icon of sustainability." : TreeHugg

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Shipping container houses.
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Shipping Container House
Shipping Container House by Cubular, New Zealand
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La Planicie House II - Oscar Gonzalez Moix
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Casa Cúbica – A Tiny Container Home. I love the idea of rooftop space
Shipping container floor plan. Love the courtyard, kitchen, utility area. Swap the baths with the master closet. Br 2 with the office
solar powered shipping container house in Colarado, inside view... love the "garage" door in the living room
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Spectacular 20ft Off-The-Grid Tiny Shipping Container House - YouTube
Containers of Hope | Benjamin Garcia Saxe
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This is the woodland cottage of your dreams. | 23 Surprisingly Gorgeous Homes Made From Shipping Containers
John Well's shipping container home with home-welded arched-rebar spanned roof to make greenhouse, living quarters, etc. . . fascinating guy and process. . .
Shipping Container House in Flagstaff, AZ, USA by Derek Ellis, via Flickr
*i REALLY like this!!!* Floor plan for shipping container home
Like the thoughts of a courtyard in the center
this is in a shipping container house
12 Steps How To Build a Cozy 1720sqft Solar Powered Shipping Container Cabin with Living Roof
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Cheap Shipping Container House Flexible Layout Design - closet on one side, with stairs going downstairs, bedroom on the other, kitchen and living and half bath down stairs, ladder up from the closet to the dungeon above it.
This beauty is made out of containers. New Jersey architect Adam Kalkin designed and build his own house from  recycled shipping containers. Among many reasons to do that there is price ( a used one costs under  $1000 ) and durability.
Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe removed most of the inward-facing walls from the two containers and placed them about a hallway's width apart. The material from the walls then became a roof and clerestory window for the hallway, which keeps the interio
tron legacy house container loft!!!
Light and airy
shipping container house. Clay & I were talking about doing this because you can create your own house for cheaper then buying one. The trick is getting the land, the pluming & electric done correctly, then welding the containers together. I have
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