The five lame army guys.

The five lame army guys.

Line up army men on top and shoot them off
Call of Duty Cupcakes using army men figures and the camouflage baking liners featured on this page.
Army themed cupcakes :)Bryson would have loved these!
Love this idea for decorating (toy story party)
Photography: This is a unique way to photograph the newlywed's rings from a military themed wedding
aster egg hunt ideas
Toy Story Birthday Party   Game Ideas - use other objects for different themes
Walls of Jericho Craft | When You Rise: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
Green Punch Recipes for Parties | Army Men Birthday Cake & Camouflage Punch Recipe
Boy Story 2 - Toy Story themed 2nd birthday party
Yes! It's like my split personality joined in art.
"army men" for girls
Use blocks for party decor (other toy story ideas on this site)
Eee! Cosplay as Baby (Dean's beloved '67 Chevy Impala) from Supernatural. Black leather all the way, the boys' initials on your hands, and a license plate on the back of the jacket.