Homemade Mini Water Beads.

Homemade Mini Water Beads.

Combining two favorite sensory materials for a whole new sensory activity!
Frozen Water beads! So simple and yet so much FUN!!
Beautiful wedding centerpiece using water beads.
Idea for master bathroom but in diff colors because my bathroom theme is pewter and burgandy ♥ kimie
Shannon's Custom Florals Wedding Centerpieces Springfield MO and Eureka Springs (34)
Glowsticks in a vase, glass beads, water, some floating object as centerpiece on table
Edible Water Beads - Growing A Jeweled Rose
Kids Swimming with Water Beads - Summer FUN! Small kiddies pool??? Wonder how much the beads are??? Maybe AC moore???***I did this with a small shoe bin and used it for helping my son with his fine motor skills, I make him pick them up one at a time using
Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin ~ Perfect sensory idea for Shark Week!
ason Jar Solar Light DIY Materials
centerpiece - simple but with the colored water beads?? change to my wedding colors but simple and good idea
Edible water beads; a safer alternative to traditional water bead play. These are easy to make SO FUN!
bubble tea recipe
Fun and easy to set up pond sensory bin. Kids can create their own sensory bins
How to Make Scented Water Beads for SUPER sensory fun! Adding the element of scent to this amazing sensory material was such a fun way to play.
floating candles with pearls ~ so pretty
Can do with marbles too but this is Painting with water beads - FUN!
Edible water beads; a safer alternative to traditional water bead play - Site also has lots of stuff for kids
Sensory Play with Easter Eggs, Water Beads and Light - This was an amazing sensory experience.  It was fun to see how the lights changed the colors of the eggs and the water beads.
What to do with water beads... So many fun ideas! Have you tried water beads with your kids yet?
glowing table pieces
Sensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and Toddlers
How to make feather centerpieces
It looks so SQUISHY!! Sensory Activity using Shaving Cream and Water Beads (from Learn Play Imagine)
This LED light centerpiece tutorial will make your table look amazing. All you need is a clear vase, water beads, LED lights and some synthetic flowers. This floral arrangement will look like you paid so much money.  Perfect centerpiece for Weddings, Quin
purple and teal. I want some of these so bad!
{New Sensory Material} Safe and Edible Mini Water Beads that GLOW! These natural mini water beads do not pose a choking hazard! From Fun at Home with Kids
candle centerpiece :  this would be easy and cheap
Easy DIY fish bowl centerpiece idea for a purple wedding. Can use clear or lilac water beads and purple flowers, the lights inside are easy to find, the mirror is a must but the lilac water beads really glow
Fill water balloons with water beads for an incredible sensory activity!
How to make Glow Water- then make glow in the dark ice cubes, water balloons, etc. Pinned by The Sensory Spectrum.
CENTERPIECES FISH BOWLS | triple fish bowl centerpieces these triple stacked fish bowls are the ...
beads of water