7 Irish Shot Recipes for St. Patrick's Day (This picture is the "Irish Car Bomb" and it's Delicious!!!)

7 Irish Shot Recipes for St. Patrick's Day   (This picture is the "Irish Car Bomb" and it's Delicious!!!)

Apple Pie Shot | 10 Shot Masterpieces That Will Delight Your Holiday Guests
This looks fun!!
How To Make 30 Different Kinds Of Shots In One Handy Infographic. Alcoholic Drinks.
BLACKLIGHT JELLO SHOTS - Bet you never saw jello shots like these. These blacklight glowing cups of wonder are fun to look at. They're a little bitter because of the quinine in the tonic water, but that's what makes them glow! You could easily swa
Looking for Fireball Whisky Recipes? Here are 10 awesome shooters to try this weekend.
Licor 43 Mini Beer layered shot with heavy cream. Doesn't taste like beer at all. More like a creamsicle! - photo by Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist
Barbie Shot Recipe:   1 oz Malibu®   coconut rum1 oz Absolut®  vodka1  oz cranberry   juice1 oz orange  juiceThis pink drink is  delicious!  You can order it in shot form or drink form. It comes with  sugar on the rim. Happy drinking, Lovelies!
Jell-O shots!
Best Jello Shots - 70 Fancy Jello Shots Recipes - A Holiday Chef
Jello shot recipe - add a little sugar to cut out the alcohol taste
21 fantastic jello shot recipes for any occasion. Check out the recipes and a gallery of jello shot images at the bottom of the page.
Healthy People & Healthy Pets: Margarita Jello Shots
Long Island Iced Tea as a jello shot? ~Perfect for a Mad Hatter Tea Party
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margarita, fuzzy naval, jolly rancher, strawberry daiquiri, and peach pie jello shots!
21 Jello Shot Recipes, may need these recipes in a few months :) lol
ilk-and-Cookie Shots.
"jager bomb" jello shots! black cherry jello (sometimes i use orange they are both good here) and red bull. boil two cups red bull, mix two minutes, then add two cups jager. lots of unique jello shot flavors here
We are totally gonna do this over the summer -minus the booze lol Jacob and his friends would love this!!!! Mommy too!
ake Perfect Jello Shots with this Simple Recipe: Basic recipe for jelly shots. Choose your flavor, liquor, and mold, layer if you like, but most of all, have fun!
arshmallow Jello Shots!
Adult pudding shot recipes. Super easy and great for parties.
The Pink Starburst Shot | 32 Shots That Taste Like Other Delicious Foods
Jello shots on sticks that taste like blow pops! Say What!?.
"What is the best tasting jello-shot?" a list of the best liquors for each jello flavor (like lime jello w/ tequila or orange jello w/ captain morgan)
4th of July Jello Shot Recipes
scow Mule Jello Shots. A refreshing adult spin on jello shots that everyone will love.
strawberry champagne jello shots - Budget Byte We could use mini champagne glasses from the dollar store
Icy Blue Whale. ( sounds delish) 1 part blue curacao 1 part vodka 1 part orange juice 1 part pineapple 1 part sweet & sour mix