Push forward >> don't let the challenges along the way frighten you.

Push forward >> don't let the challenges along the way frighten you.

A travel version of the calm down corner: A Calm Down Travel Bag. or for "worry control/stress-management groups have everyone make their own bag to take with them home
Time out bottles! Water, glue and glitter..mix and add until it takes 5 minutes to settle. Watching it settle relaxes them, and you don't have to set a timer! Brilliant!!
Calm Down Yoga Routine for Kids - Help children manage big emotions - Brain research shows us that movement and breath help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Our bodies are designed to move—just think about how many miles a day the cave people used to run
A calm down plan to help children of all ages learn to manage big emotions in socially acceptable ways.
Homemade Magnesium Gummies—A Chewable “Chill Pill” and Natural Sleep Aid | Butter Believer
How to be a calm parent -- even when challenging times strike! Everyday things any parent can do to calm down, find their center and respond with love not anger.
Calm Down Yoga Routine for kids - a series for helping children manage big emotions
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Calm Down Yoga Routine for kids - help children manage big emotions
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Calm Down Bin for sensory meltdowns and tantrums. Great list of tools for kids with sensory processing disorder to help them regain control and get the input they need.
Calming strategies
Behavior Plans - and charts...great resource for Elementary School Counseling and SpEd teachers
These stickers are reminders of my "Five Deep Breaths" practice that I teach as part of my Yes, This course. I really believe that pausing a few times a day to take five deep breaths with intention, especially when you are stressed, sad, or over
{Breathing Through The Tears} Great tips for getting your kids to take a deep breath and calm down....
"Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak." - Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
'Stay Focused' Mug
Glittery calm down bottles to help focus and calm your child #sensory || Gift of Curiosity
Yoga poses to avoid meltdowns!
Calm Down Kit- For students with special needs
When Im Angry/Frustrated Visual Calming Card- These are great visual cue cards to use with a student while having a tantrum. These are simple steps to help students cope through overwhelming emotions.  The visual pictures next to each step allow students
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Creative Playhouse: 15 Play Ideas to Help Children Calm Down and Relax
Time out/calm down bottles- original source. If child is too excited or angry or agitated, give them their bottle. They shake it up really well & sit somewhere quiet. Once the glitter is all settled (~5 mins) their time is up. If they try to mess with
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9 Calm Down Ideas for Kids | Childhood101
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11 totally awesome calm down jars for kids
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