Truly believe this is what hinders so many relationships...looking at the other person not ourselves!!

Truly believe this is what hinders so many relationships...looking at the other person not ourselves!!

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Legend of Zelda Wedding Collection by Takayas Custom Jewelry
Give away grace and love like you're made of the stuff - Bob Goff
"love your whole story even if it hasn't been the perfect fairy tale." Melanie Moushigian koulouris
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We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
Looking up at him | Holding her | Couples / engagements photography session | Outside | photo idea - not cheesy or the kissing photo that everybody else does...for people who want to save first kiss until marriage :)
Ladies, the man that you lust over is not God's plan for your life. A godly man will not lust over you, but he will pursue you. Let God work on you spiritually and emotionally. God will send him when you're ready, not lonely.
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A wedding ceremony script featuring readings about marriage, quotes from The Princess Bride, and a shot of whiskey.
So true
Princess Anna of Bohemia and Hungary, Queen Consort to the Romans, wife to Ferdinand I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1503-1547
"I am a husband who prays for my wife, leads her boldly, serves her humbly, and cherishes her deeply."
And when Tuesday morning is like Saturday morning. Or Wednesday, Thursday & Friday morning. ;-)
United Hearts God has brought you here together To be united in His love, Joined in Holy Matrimony With faith in God above Let your faith g...
FYI: this is the best engagement ring selfie ever.
Id love this...I never had this to look up too, it would be great to be that inspiration for my future children.
33 marriage proposals no one could say no to! Ok yeah, these are sweet. I love the Capt. PIcard one.
There is no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect marriage.  But the one I have is perfect for me.
I want this.
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I know you are going more vintage but I love love love this bridesmaids dress. And it's kind of greecian, which works. In ancient greece peacocks were the symbol of the goddess of marriage, Hera.
There is something incredibly beautiful about a quiet and steady loyalty that just magnifies love.
I really love this one. ♥
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Paige Eding visits her father's grave site ahead of her wedding on June 7, 2013. The 23-year-old Zeeland, Mich. resident wanted to make her dad, who died in 2011, a part of her marriage celebration. Photo courtesy Zander & Breck Photography.
Never Stop Dating
cclesiastes | Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
Want to brighten up your spouse's day in 5 seconds? Here are 101 of the best short text love messages (cute, romantic and funny) for him!
I want to... Love quote - Master Bedroom - Marriage - Cyber Monday. $7.95, via Etsy.