BLACKLIGHT JELLO SHOTS - Bet you never saw jello shots like these. These blacklight glowing cups of wonder are fun to look at. They're a little bitter because of the quinine in the tonic water, but that's what makes them glow! You could easily swa
Bacholorette party shots!!
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Bridal Party Portrait by Emilie Iggiotti on ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Gallery. [I like the nontraditional arrangement!]
One of my favorite bridal party shots of all time!
Fourth of July!!
Alice | Alice in Wonderland
15 of the most awesome bridal party poses... ever
have to do this
Ruffle Cake.
veryone needs a shot before walking down the aisle - personal shot glasses for each member of the wedding party. Cute idea!
Shots, or jello shots. Like this display idea. You could easily decorate this for Halloween and it would look amazing!
What a gorgeous wedding party photo! by setenay
Great instructions for Jello Shots. Gives ratios pending on proof of Vodka... No more Jello shots that are too strong or too weak!!
No axe, but like the set up in the woods
Bachelorette Party? Shot Roulette. Not all the shots are alcoholic, spin the bottle and take what you get! Why did we never do this?
love this shot