Incantation, Textile Design 1947 by Alvin Lustig - demonic segils

Incantation, Textile Design 1947 by Alvin Lustig - demonic segils

Quivers rug by Luke Irwin. via the designer's site
by Erin Endicott  -
Weavings by Gunta Stolzl
Simply Stunning Watercolors
Camilla Perkins
1950s original designs for wallcovering and textiles, via eoh art and design
Carrie Hansen Swan Textile Design- I actually love this as a tattoo idea, just one bird between shoulder blades...
Amy Nguyen
beautiful red balloons (textile design) by Leah Bartholomew & Beth Orpin via the design files
Textile Design and Designer`s Platform: February 2014
E-motion: shape-shifting hood that references the senses and feelings of a person in an abstract way. It subtly transforms and changes shape via shape memory alloys. The project was developed Max Schäth
Jacque Textile Designs Ltd
By Anna Emilia Laitinen
Wearable Sketch - laser cut fashion from hand-drawn illustrations; innovative textiles design; fabric manipulation // Elvira't Hart
A blend of furniture and textile design is used in this graduation project by Kata Monus. The weave cleverly dissolves into the wood; an impressive and unifying detail.
SUNFLOWERS An exclusive reproduction of a Parisian textile design from Atelier Zina de Plagny, 1940s-1950s.
textile by Barbara Brown (1969)
Beaded surface pattern with scattered shape repetition; elegant textiles design // Abigail Gardiner
Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Print Trend Report Part 1 + Patternbank Textile Design Studio Version trend forecasts
30s, sonia delaunay designs.
Dagobert Peche 'Spinne' c.1910 ~ Dagobert Peche (1887-1923) was an Austrian artist and metalworker designer and joined the Wiener Werkstatte in 1914.
Brilliant Peruvian Typical Textile Designs & Fabrics -=- Among the Most Beautiful & Treasured Traditions ♥
mbroidery inspiration: JULIET GLYNN SMITH 1965_blog. At Victoria and Albert Museum
John Henry Dearle
Fabric Manipulation - 3D textiles design with sculptural white textures; fabric art // Emanuela Fiorelli
Sara Cwynar
Textiles Design with an elegant use of fold and shape repetition to create textural patterns; fabric manipulation // Amy Pliszka
inspiration | electric floral print | via: camilla frances prints
ónica Muñoz is the talented designer behind Moniquilla - a fashion range featuring her beautifully unique textile designs
DAN HALLETT'S BLOG: Fashion & Textiles.
Classic blue and white Mexican embroidered dress $69
So pretty....
Sustainable textile: Woven paper & dyed cotton waste by Miguel Mesa.
book covers
9 of the Most Popular Lilly Pulitzer Prints From the Past-Let's Cha Cha – Summer 2013
Art Nouveau Tiles