Doritos Taco Salad - taco meat, kidney beans, tomatoes, lettuce, Catalina dressing, cheese and Doritos. Quick Mexican recipe. Kid-friendly - who wouldn't want to eat Doritos for dinner?!
Pip & Ebby - Pip-Ebby - Best ever meatloaf
This taco-filled crescent ring is the perfect meal for Taco Night!  Dress it up with fresh shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and taco sauce for a fun twist on tacos!
Easy dinner bake with quick crescent crust, ground beef, cheese, and taco toppings!
Seven-Layer Tostadas
The perfect fish taco sauce. This sauce is what MAKES a fish taco! Don't let those restaurants who throw salsa and sour cream on top fool you!
Chimichangas! One of my favorite recipes! Bake it instead of fry it/or lightly in coconut oil
Weight watchers Burrito Bake making this for super;) this was awesome we substitute with turkey meat an added onions
Wickedly good fish taco sauce - perfectly seasoned white sauce, yummy on fish tacos. From @SoupAddict
Burrito Bake... Made it last night and the fam loved it  Ingredients: bisquick....refried beans.... ground hamburger or ground chuck.... taco sauce And cheese The recipe calls for a 16oz jar of taco sauce.  I just used 8 oz and I thought it was perfect No
Simply Gourmet: Fish Tacos and the BEST Sauce
Taco Tuesday kicked up a notch with Taco Pizza! A perfect homemade pizza dough topped with beans, ground beef, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and taco sauce!
Taco Loaf...awesome, easy, delish and pretty..I may never eat a taco shell again :)
Drick's Rambling Cafe: 5 Simple Mexican Sauces - An all time best "saved to my file" post including recipes for: Western Sauce, Classic Red Chile Sauce, Mexican Chili Sauce, Taco Sauce, My Enchilada Sauce plus recipe for Mexican Seasoning Mi
y Homemade Sopapilla Recipe - Warm fried dough with melted butter, honey and powdered sugar!
This is the recipe for the Chipotle sauce at Rubios. I cannot wait to try it at home. I went to Rubios for dinner and tried all of their new tacos. AMAZING!
The BEST sauce for Fish Tacos. Let is sit in the fridge for a few hours, if not overnight. Is amazing, cool yet spicy!
aking tacos in your oven is a great way to help your toppings all stick together and the end result is extra delicious! A crowd pleasing recipe for sure!
Pip & Ebby - Pip-Ebby - Best everĀ meatloaf
Easy Chicken Enchiladas
Western Dressing (for taco themed dinners) NO omega 6 oils!!
copy-cat recipe - similar to Rubio's Fish Tacos.  I love mine with extra lime and lots of sauce!
Chicken, Bacon, Cream Cheese mini tacos w/avocado sauce for dipping.
The Easiest Fish Tacos... like ever.
Fish Tacos
Crock Pot Shredded Beef Tacos
Taco Casserole Recip
Chicken Chili Relleno
Easy Homemade Taco Sauce - The Make Your Own Zone
Burrito Lasagana is a great everyday dinner that will feed a crowd!