'Rapunzel', a German fairy tale

'Rapunzel', a German fairy tale

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(Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel by muttonfudge)
Pen sketches - Rapunzel by Elsa
Yes! Yes to everything!!! Dean is OBVIOUSLY Rapunzel, Sam is Flynn, Cas is pascal, Bobby is Max, and Crowley is Mother Gothel
Flynn’s dry humor and Rapunzel’s positive outlook make for an entertaining relationship. | 19 Reasons Rapunzel And Flynn Rider Are The Best Disney Couple
Disney highschool: Rapunzel by *Nina-D-Lux on deviantART
I laughed then I cried
Bucket list: let go of a floating lantern in Thailand. #SandorCity Contest: Bangkok #TravelBrilliantly
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What Disney princess do you look like? Snow White Your beauty is known all around. You never stop amazing people around you. You find that people are often jealous of you, but that never stops you.
Just hanging in there (and in chronological order) Loved to find this adorable fan art by a peruvian illustrator! :3
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Racebent Disney Princesses (L-R: Merida (Brazilian), Rapunzel (Mexican), Elsa (Inuit), Anna (Inuit) so neat!
Rapunzel Bead Sprite Perler by Nicolel12 on deviantart
Rapunzel Tee for Women
These Mucha Inspired Disney Princesses Are Stunning
The Lemonista: A Tangled Birthday Party Cake ~ The Lantern Scene  Party Favors
12 Disney Princesses That Just Got Realistic Makeovers...I Can't Get Over Pocahontas. WOW
Rapunzel's Tower rises above the woods at Walt Disney World!
Rapunzel inspired outfit, this is so pretty!
did not see that coming
"I'm where I'm meant to be." Quote from Rapunzel in Tangled. (Link goes to Saratoga Springs spa site, though.)
Italian artist Angela Vianello, has taken some of Disney‘s most beloved characters, such as Belle, the Beast, Snow White, Ariel, Eric and Rapunzel and has given them a make-over manga-style.
Rapunzel, Tangled | 23 Profound Disney Quotes That Will Actually Change Your Life - these are some of my most favorite Disney quotes!
Screenshot of Rapunzel trying on the crown after stealing it from Flynn, and an image from the 'Art of Tangled' book.
Jokes and sarcasm aside, Flynn/Eugene is actually kind of sensitive, and his small gestures like pushing Rapunzel’s hair back is very sweet. | 19 Reasons Rapunzel And Flynn Rider Are The Best Disney Couple
Rapunzel | These Snapchats Of A Dog Turned Into Disney Princesses Are Fantastic
apunzel and eugene by `briannacherrygarcia on deviantART
my two favorite!!! XD
Want this. so cute. New Disney Store 2012 Tangled Rapunzel Flynn Ryder Wedding Sketchbook Ornament | eBay
Pinner said: Totally just did this and merida called me. Great for babysitting (:
Necklace  Silver Necklace  Crystal Necklace  by storygirlcreations, $40.00    The Princess Collection - Rapunzel