Kayak in the San Juan islands of Washington state during Orca migration season

Kayak in the San Juan islands of Washington state during Orca migration season

Whimsical Raindrop Cottage, vurtual: Kasatka and Kalia (by Paruula)
Gianvito Rossi
One of the most popular small cabins we featured last year was a cabin modeled after a forest fire lookout tower. Today we have another small cabin in the woods designed by the same architect, Davi...
watching orcas in Canada.
Orcas Island Cabin
Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration 만약에 다시 인간으로 태어난다면 천문학이나 해양생물학이나 지질학이나 그런 쪽에 재능이 탁월한 인간으로 태어났으면 좋겠다. 북극에서 남극까지 종횡무진하면서 스토익한 침묵으로 만류를 대상으로 인력을 행사하는.
Orca sculpture by New Zealand Maori artist Kerry Thompson
I'm stumped by this one! The site says, "Kesali was bred to Shandor in 2008 and foaled a lovely filly - Mayabel of Orcas Island born 5-12-09." Kesali and Shandor are both purebred Gypsy Horses. Those stripes resemble what you'd find on a
16 3D Dolphin Tattoo on Sleev
Killer whale
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Probably shouldn't have laughed but it was just adorable... So I did anyway.
A wild orca, frolicking not because he was trained to, but because he wanted to, instinctively, in the wild as it should be.
ther and Baby
Haunted Inn by the Sea, Washington state
Beautiful photo
"Oh Look, Brothers. A Big Penguin." "No No, your wrong. It´s  a Koala. Better get off the Ice."
Polar Bear GIF
Sharing the surf with an orca. The coolest thing ever!
whale's tail
Avengers Humor ~~ Well, the orca eats both sharks and tuna. The shark eats tuna, but fights with orcas. What a trio...
Beautiful whales playing in the Arctic waters with the Snow and Glaciers glistening in the sun as a backdrop.
Penguin's final dive!
Nature & Architecture
in my opinion, orcas/killer whales are the most beautiful creatures on earth
Orcas breaching in Kenai Fjords, Alaska
Awesome Orca - Killer whale
Thyme In Our Kitchen: Tostadas with Smashed Orca Beans
The orca, and less commonly as the blackfish, is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family.