Dont worry! if you have limited garden space,here is a list of 15 best and easiest vegetables that you can grow in a pot or container
Window Box inspiration from Nantucket
Installing Window Boxes on Vinyl Siding #DIY window box plans for installation #curbappeal
Great idea for a window box -- perhaps find one with battery-operated lights.
UST read post for choosing The Easiest and Best Plants for Hanging Baskets by 3 Little Greenwoods! #DIYflowerBasket #hangingflowerbaskets #bestplantsforhangingbaskets
Window Box Basics: A two-foot-wide box will easily host four to six large herb plants or a small crop of salad greens. Try to choose plants with a variety of shapes and colors, such as purple basil, tall lemon verbena, and chives, to make the display attr
for shade--angelonia, dragon wing begonia, creeping jenny
Great color combo: sweet potato vines and purple petunias
Window Box
DIY::Charming Green Window Box (so low maintenance)!  Includes Plant Guide
Window planter box...notice how this is just a shelf and you set the planter box on it in the spring/summer. that might be easier. **I'm confused, what do pineapples have to do with winter??
Window boxes with Geranium (Pelargonium) and Bacopa
Place a sponge in the bottom of a planter before adding soil, to keep water in reserve. Really makes a difference in window boxes!
love these window boxes
Perfect for the porch! A spring container garden by Carmen Johnston Gardens
Another way to display your plants is to pot them in a wooden box and hang them by your window sill. It's also a great way accent your windows!
Flower box on every window
lobelia - one of my favorite shade flowers:)
La Reine Planter. Its delicate scrollwork and twisted rails were inspired by an antique garden gate. Handcrafted of wrought iron with removable metal planter. Weather resistant coating for use indoors or outdoors.
So pretty
Window planter box...notice how this is just a shelf and you set the planter box on it in the spring/summer. that might be easier.
Calling all porches! This shade-loving mix is just for you!  Ingredients: White Queen Caladiums, Whopper Begonia, Variegated Creeping Fig  by Carmen Johnston Gardens
Transitional Window Box | Plan ahead for plantings that will transition through the holidays with a few additions. Start with ornamental cabbage, bittersweet, pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, artichokes, and ivy, then add in gilded branches and berries to suit
Outdoor Room Series: Converted Sheds + Cabanas
I have a planter on my porch like this..but everything I put in it dies! It looks great when I first fill it, but shortly after it looks awful....any ideas on what I should plant in it? It is in full sun for most of the day.
Love this style quite alot!! But i could never get my flowers to look like that!!!
I really want to paint my ugly brick. My husband won't let me...says it's too much upkeep. Boo hoo!
Vertical garden planter boxes
Christmas Windows
Summer Annuals
Gorgeous window box!
Coleus, geraniums, petunias, calibrachoa and fuchsia turn this window box into an eye-popping display
Wooden Christmas Trees ~ This would be so easy to make!