friesien horse alexander the great | Friesian Horses for Sale from Black Sterling Friesians
Winston Churchill understood the lessons and strength a horse can give you. Reconnect with your #SoulSelf. #HorsesHealHearts
Simplemente fotos de caballos - Taringa! << not sure what that says but this is gorgeous!
just beautiful
Fire Magic, purebred Liver Chestnut Friesian stallion
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Horse. Winter beauty
Jerusalem is a jawdropping mover and has three beautiful gaits. His movement is not just in the front end, but in the back too. His walk is animated, energetic, and fluid, but when he breaks out of a walk, he suddenly becomes airborn.
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Just stunning.
(From another pinner) Friesian horses were used by the knights of the Middle Ages to charge into battle. They are so beautiful and majestic... (I love the long hair)
Friesian Black Horse Native American Feathers War by AmyLynBihrle
Frederik The Great, a stunning Friesian Stallion with the incredible mane!
So adorable
black horse
Friesian foal-love my friesians!
Black beauty #equine #horses #pets #animals
Top 20 Most Beautiful Horses In The World
black and white
Nice bridle too!
Stunning Black Horse
Unusual eyes
Freisian Warmblood Horse.
armor Pegasus by ~FriesianFury on deviantART
awwww horse kisses
Yearling with unique color!