5-Blade Herb Scissors ~ 40 GENIUS Kitchen Gadgets

5-Blade Herb Scissors ~ 40 GENIUS Kitchen Gadgets

50 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed -- onion holder! So you can cut it without the stinky hands. Great gift ideas.
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7 Bakery Secrets for Perfect Cupcakes ~ valuable chef's tips #desserts #DIY #Mother's Day
portion control dressing cap
How to get those sharp edges on your cakes - FANTASTIC, yet simple advice, with some photos. Via Wee Love Baking (FIXED LINK)
flameless marshmallow roaster kitchen gadget
Cool kitchen gadgets.
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Paderno Spiralizer (mine should be here just in time for the weekend, guess what I am doing all weekend LOL)
interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?
45 Clever Kitchen Gadgets - There are gadgets for just about every kitchen task! I had no idea some of these even existed?!
"literally the best kitchen gadget idea ever. bags, foil, cling wrap, paper towel, clips, all in one."
Can't believe someone invented this! Awesome for those of us who love corn, but hate the corn in our teeth! #productdesign #industrialdesign
3-in-1 lemon knife and zester - so clever for baking, making lemon-infused drinks or cocktail garnishes! #product_design #kitchen #gadget
kitchen gadgets 03
63 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You've Been Searching For. Finish your kitchen gadget collection or find the perfect gift for the chef in your life!
Jokari Baggy Rack Storage Bag Holder
exciting than watching water boil | Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets - CNET Blogs
great kitchen gadget ideas...
Gadget gadgets-and-gizmos-i-love-or-want-3--oh so that's what this thing is for :P
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DIY Panda Sandwich Mold and stamper Set/ Pocket Sandwich Maker
27 Clever New Ways To Use Your Kitchen Appliances...pizza cutter great idea
Zoodle: This revolutionary contraption will slice your standard vegetable into noodle-like spaghetti shapes. Must add to my collection of kitchen gadgets!
Kitchen Gadget website full of cool stuff ~ onion holder kitchen gadget
EASY Crockpot Beef Wine Stew ... This recipe creates a lot of unbelievably delicious sauce; almost edible with a spoon. #recipe favorite
How to make bread using your Kitchenaid mixer - super simple recipe that uses all-purpose flour instead of bread flour
Leaf-shaped Silicone Food Tie Set // includes two sizes for larger cooking needs, hygienic, flexible + reusable #product_design
Avocado Cuber: Useful product designed for making uniform-sized cubes of avocado.
50 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed - Portion control salad dressing cap!
Herb Mill - Very similar to a pepper grinder, only it's made to grind fresh herbs. It provides a great flavor difference compared to dried herbs.
Smart shopper--record grocery lists and print out when needed. Wish I could afford this one! (149.95) Site has 20 cool kitchen gadgets.
Condiment Gun | 18 Amazing Geeky Kitchen Gadgets And Gear Ideas To Impress Your Friends
Turns any veggie into spaghetti: zucchini, squash, carrots etc. has good reviews on amazon. Neat little kitchen gadget and great for lo carb living.