shabby chic curtain & tie
maybe we could get this creative and turn them into something like it Jess?    repurposed recycled dress
decorating in Bohemian style....this needs some color but I love the lace curtains and the comfy seating
DIY Lace Skirt #DIY #Sew #Sewing #Clothes #Skirts
Painting and restoring an old trunk. I got an old trunk from a friend and this gives me an idea of how to restore it. Excited to get started
...Vintage clothing idea..absolutely NO link to follow...just this adorable pic.
Ars en Re, France
Vintage lace curtains
boho ☮
The lace curtains on the wall are a wonderful and whimsical touch, are they not? - Lilith et Adalia
Not sure if I want to be in the house looking out or in the boat looking in
vintage trailer cute!
crochet window treatment - Varpunen
I see the girls heading out to pick fruit, guess I better head for the old kitchen and rinse what's already been picked. Hope they don't eat more than they pick..................
lace in the window...
Pretty... looks like me
De tweede lent
#Tuscany #Italy
Lace curtain
hang Lace curtains outside for a country look!! ive been gathering old lace curtains for some time now for just this thing! just no where to hang em yet lol ♥
window box
Simple & "Cosy"Country Cottage Charm - combine this with the crochet bedspread and pillow for a delicate feminine look.
Bonitas ideas para decorar la ceremonia el día de vuestra boda al aire libre.
A modern take on the lace curtain - try a random net base with crocheted, appliqués and cutout pieces. Great use for recycling those old and new ends or bits of lace.  Reminds me of a Vctorian crazy quilt idea..
Cottage of the Month April 2009  /  Notice the lace curtains
Anthropologie Scalloped Lace Curtain #anthrofav
#window in Palermo, province of Palermo , Sicily region Italy
Glue  curtain pieces on old bottles!
Insulate with bubble wrap and water... this is already used for greenhouses during the winter so why not at home too!
Tangerine dream
Crochet Curtain
"One of the oldest human needs is to have someone wonder where you are when you do not come home at night." --Margaret Mead
DIY – ‘Lace’ pillow case
gorgeous morning light through window
The Lace Curtain -East Amherst, NY
Lace (by Stephanie Overton)