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WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

Sidewalk Art
Tracy Lee Stum 3D art
Saatchi Online Artist: Nestow Sakaczbia; Paper, Assemblage / Collage "holy storm drain"
Love this optical illusion!
Street Art
Stunning 3D Illusions Street Art | Gallery. There are pretty cool pics on here!
3D Street Art                                                                                    |AmazingStreetArt|
3D Illusions Street Art
ally cool Street Art
Chalk Art by David Zinn
3D Street art, optical illusion
I'd like this in Toronto, directly on the street where the road has been closed to the traffic such as the dead-end by the Devonian pond near Ryerson University (YKK Zipper Sidewalk Sculpture)
3D art
#streetart jd
*3D Street Art
Love 3D street can have the 3D movies....(sick of 'em)---but 3D street art, PURE GENIUS Yep 100% on the ground--optical illusion...PURE GENIUS!
Amazing 3D Art!
Would you the the person to walk into that and think you we're about to fall . I would!!!
3D Street Art Painted On Flat Surfaces Look Like Layers Of Cut Paper
YES! Sidewalk art in an awesome effect
Street Art Awesome. From Street Art Utopia. 3D Chalk Street Art. Artists unknown.
Artists Anderson Augusto (aka SÃO) and Leonardo Delafuente (aka Delafuente) are bringing art to the streets of their native Brazil, literally. Together they formed 6emeia a project formed to transform the lives of those living in their Barra Funda neighbo