Great idea for herb garden

Great idea for herb garden

21 Mason Jar Ideas Mason Jar Plant Makeover In my garden, the garden stakes always fade by the time I actually have to harvest anything ... so I can't tell what kind of pepper I've planted! This fun idea is both attractive, adding light and sparkl
tin can lids and fork labels for the garden - super!
Chalkboard paint garden markers. Easy project for your spring garden.
Learning the different between mint and basil can be difficult for the youngest gardeners. Jennifer of August Wren painted/designed river rocks to help her children learn the difference, and possibly saved dinner in the process. || August Wren
happens in every garden :)
Twig Plant Marker How-To  1. Gather small branches, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch around, in an easily worked but sturdy wood, such as maple.  2. With a vegetable peeler, strip a couple of inches of bark at one end, making a flat surface, and use permanent marker
DIY wine cork garden markers I need more corks to make these...guess that just means I'll have to drink more wine! Hay-o!
Stamped Spoons | 26 DIY Plant Markers For Your Springtime Garden
20 money-saving gardening tips
mark your garden rows with hand-painted rock labels. won't blow away, won't this idea!
Finally, a plant ID that may actually last the whole growing seasons. Repeat Crafter Me: Paint Mixing Stick Garden Signs
Kids Garden Art:  Colorful Pour Pots
How to Make Garden Markers from Rocks: a cute spring craft for children and adults in preparation for the gardening season
Recycled Spoon Garden Markers. Wonder if you could dip them into something writ-able.. but you'd have to clear coat for it to weather. silverware is a dime a dozen at the thrift store.
Rocks and outdoor paint is all you will need to create these colorful garden markers that withstand the elements!
Stamped Spoons
Now you know what to do with all that leftover craft paint--make some rainbow-colored garden markers. Blogger Ruth tells how. || @Living Well Spending Less via Home Depot Garden Club #markers #garden #gardening #vegetable #garten #jardin
I would grow a garden just to use these.
Tree Stick Branch Garden Marker Poker
Rustic Herb & Vegetable Garden Signs, Woodburned Markers - Hear is a lovely idea for plant markers. Wooden spoons are in expensive, and they can also be written on with permanent marker! Or you can get fancy like this with a wood burner!
Cute idea for repurposed garden markers, from Homespun sprout
ake these easy DIY Garden markers - they are cheap, cute, and surprisingly simple to make. Perfect for your plants, vegetables or herbs garden.
DIY Garden signs - love these!
#DIY Vegetable #Garden Markers made from recycled soda cans and metal letter stamps.
Polymer clay garden markers
20 Absolutely Stunning DIY Ideas That Will Make Your Garden Look So Awesome! rock stone garden decor 7
Summer Garden DIY Project – Homemade Garden Markers Using Stones - Another pinner said "all the paint on mine has mostly chipped of and cracked. better seal them if you are going to make them."
Garden marker idea- might be willing to take them apart and spray paint them before I write the plant name on them.
Homemade Garden Markers | These garden stones are bright and colorful and will last a while ...
Heres a craft for your garden that’s not only simple and practical, but BEAUTIFUL too!
27 DIY Garden Markers ~ Plant Stakes perfect for your kids to make.
Stoneware garden markers for your favorite #gardener via @Etsy, $22.00
I love this idea! And they will last for years!
Hammered spoon diy
Garden Marker Stakes, herb or vegetable garden marker stakes, rustic,wood with metal stakes, salvaged, six for 20.00, custom lettering,
To make your own homemade markers, simply pull out your handy paints and put your pint-sized Picassos to work on coloring in all of the veggies and fruits that you're planning on featuring in this year's family plot.
Stone plant markers. Perfect; certainly look like they will last longer than the decorative markers I paid for which couldn't be read by the end of the summer. (August Wren: Herb Markers)
Plastic fork garden markers. Goodbye rotting popsicle sticks♥
How to make painted plant markers out of stones - fun project to do with kids