Not only is this a beautiful house, it's in the mountains in Colorado!!!
I would love this rustic outdoor shower, really wouldn't have to worry about the neighbor's because there wouldn't be any too close by!
illuminated A-frame at night
snowy cabin.
Oakdale School near Loyston, Tennessee. 1933
Tiny houses
Ro House Tapalpa, Elías Rizo Arquitectos. Jalisco, Mexico.
Tiny House in a Landscape
Lake house serenity
Log Cabin Blocks
House Plan, Modern Farmhouse
Rustic.........I could see living here
Crestview Deer Park Clock, Clocks, Home & Cabin Decor, Home & Cabin : Cabela's - "wink" ;)
Beautiful Beds for the Cabin Jesse Doster. esp the top one! Be awesome when we snuggle ;)
How to Correct Photos with PicMonkey in Under 30 Seconds by Creative Cain Cabin
Lake Sign, Lake House Decor, Lake Decor, Cabin, Hand Painted, Reclaimed Wood Sign by CarovaBeachCrafts
So cozy.
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Cabin style bedroom with charcoal gray tufted bed, olive green & slate blue velvet pillows, silver damask pillow, stacked trunks nightstands, gray curtains framing bed, oil-rubbed swing-arm sconces and tongue and groove walls.
small cabins in Iceland
Breakfast enchiladas- this would be so easy for a big group
Shipping container houses.
Go "Camping" at Ross Lake Floating Cabins for rent - North Cascades in Washington
Built-in hammocks float over the lake. This would even be neat in your back yard. Less chance of flipping out of the hammock!
Using a dead corner - a cat climb with hidden "rooms" behind each shelf
lake life
How To Make An Outdoor Fireplace In 4 Steps - A fireplace brings a welcomed warmth to any environment. Outdoor fireplaces seem to be growing in popularity. They are unique and definitely bring a wonderful atmosphere to your grounds. In this post, you will
Corrugated Tiny Blue House
The B-29 Superfortress. A four engine US heavy bomber which flew first in combat on 5 June, 1944. It featured a pressurized cabin, electronic fire control and remote controlled guns. The B-29 Enola Gay dropped the atomic weapon Little Boy on Hiroshima on
Offset Log Cabin by Laura Nownes at See How We Sew
So freakin cute for a small house! Abbeville House Plan - 2487
Oars surfboard white love
DIY Painted Glass Vase and what paint to us
Sure looks peaceful here.
Looks so cozy
I want this for our camper
Fallen Timbers
How's this for a dream backyard shed? It's plenty roomy and filled with natural light. And it's simply beautiful. Imagine this as your backyard getaway for hobbies, gardening, retreats and storage. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
country porch