Siberian Husky Puppies
I honestly believe Juneau knows where the turn to the vet and the dog park is! He will either get super nervous and want me to hold him or howl with happiness lol
Husky pup! I know these dogs are a bit of a handful but I can't seem to pull my heart away from wanting one
Seberian husky - sled dog, named Kimo. Lead dog.
Beautiful Akita Puppy #dog #akita #animal
Husky Puppy with the most gorgeous blue eyes!
Shiba Inu. This dog is so stinkin' cute. I can't take it. I want so many dogs!
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This Man Helped His Dog's Pain By Swimming With Him In A Pool
“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.” ― Charles M. Schulz
pomsky.. pomeranian + husky ♥ We must get one. Immediately. Or I might die from the lack of cute fluffiness currently in my life. =]
Amazing Siberian Husky
Zeke the Siberian Husky
To me....One of the most beautiful dog breeds on the planet. Although I love ALL dogs .....they have a very special soul each & every  one of them.
Paul Walker
Sibling love. #husky
They melt my heart
How to french kiss... according to a Husky
10 Things Only a Siberian Husky Owner Would Understand. SO TRUE!
Siberian Husky~is a very capable escape artist and has a strong predatory drive, so he’s not a great choice for homes with cats or small pets.-~ is a working dog that thrives in cold, snowy climates. He sheds heavily He was bred to pull sleds over long di
Siberian Husky Puppy Dog
Wolf Hybrid. I want this for my next dog.
When dakota is fully/deeped brush she looks just like this but with one brown eye!
Huskita. My two favorite types of big dogs in one. Gimme gimme.
husky husky husky.
Love it except I need it to say Malamute :)
Sweet Siberian Husky Puppy & his Beautiful Blue Eyes.  By Katerina Brusnika — «Brusnika-photo…» на Яндекс.Фотках
"Siberian Husky Puppies" by Jesse James Photography.  Reminds me of the copper colored husky I had.  Boris!  Great dog.
#Siberian #Husky - all so very very true.. If I only had $1 for every time someone asks me "is that a wolf"...  Yea, my petite 34 pound Siberian really LOOKS like a wolf?!?? Really?!??
Just like the kind I want
Siberian Husky