I like this if you are going to get married outside instead of a church, to still have the cross

I like this if you are going to get married outside instead of a church, to still have the cross

St Mary's Basilica, Krakow, Poland
Altar Backdrop
6 stunning fall wedding venues to say 'I do' at.
Beautiful Altar. I love the idea of using a table as opposed to an arch.
10 Reasons Some Women Are Wearing Veils in Church Again
Inspired by This Palos Verdes Cliffside Wedding by Chris and Kristen Photography - Inspired By This
Peonies, variegated bush ivy, and double tulips sprout from grand stone urns
Antique brass kundas with single stems of Dahlias tucked into them
Seven lotus-shaped stainless steel Buddhist offering bowls are designed to hold traditional shrine offerings on your home meditation altar. 2 1.2
Altar’d State Dancing Daisy Wedg
I also like this arch idea as its very pretty but I would probably do the white cloth along the ground with the babys breath pom poms along the aisle
✯ Meditation ✯
Create a Sacred Space for meditation. This has all the elements within ~ earth, water, air, and fire
Energy crystals, inspirational stones, candles, and incense support balance and flow, and create ambiance.
From Bended Knee to Alta
NEED these for ! Too cute! TOMS $62.99
I want a big tree branch like this one to decorate in my altar space!
this is a nice flower/branch - make two tall things like this on either side of the fireplace and nothing on the mantle
The Witch's Charm Box by MoveWithTheMoon on Etsy -- this is awesome! I made mine out of an old wooden European sewing box with hinged drawers that opened out on both sides like this center drawer does.
Such a beautiful back
monogram fireplace altar | Desirae Gooding Photography
pink peonies. navy blue tux. amazing back of dress. no earrings. no bridal party. simple. 85 guests- love it all.
Ceremony flowers. These are bold and beautiful. Especially if you are just using flowers to decorate a church ceremony.
A chest which is also a bench for two. Includes cuting diagrams and instructions.
Character is always lost when a high ideal is sacrificed on the altar of conformity and popularity.
Wedding Ceremony
NEW Gaia/Mother Earth Goddess Altar Stone by TheSimplifiedWitch, $20.00
In a recent worship service, the congregation was encouraged to "pour out their heart" to God. We used paper hearts as part of our prayer time in response to the message. It got me thinking, a sim...
Virgen de Guadalupe
Buddha altar in a window sill / Sacred Spaces ♥
Twitch Plays Pokemon: Helix Altar by ThroughSpaceAndTime
Beautiful Altar
altar, brides maid outfits and thank you note to guests. very pretty.
A home altar.
Siena, Tuscany