Cutest thing EVER!!!!!!!!

Cutest thing EVER!!!!!!!!

I'm here if you need me...
Ross and Rachel Friends.
Way too adorable!
best friends forever
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YAY, I FOUND IT! Spencer, these were the shirts I was talking about! :D I have no idea why they didn't sell them at Disneyland.
Note to self: buy these for my best friends. Put one reason on each and every page, and give to them as a just-because present. I need to show them more love. ♡ #bestfriend #gift #love
Girls: If you like him, if he makes you feel happ, and if you feel like you know him (BEST FRIENDS FOREVER) MARRY HIM! :)
For puppy Aurora. I loved you and I promise I will take care of your sister puppy Cinderella. Have fun in puppy heaven princess.
Best Friends Forev
Owls made by Betz White using Night Friend Owl PDF Pattern by Mimi Kirchner.
Chandler And Joey Now
A Girl and Her Dog ...
Ashitaka of "Princess Mononoke"
Fox & the Hound. Movie makes me cry every time but a great classic!
... have lasted our story may not even have begun but you re in my heart
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I mean that is friendship. | 27 Rare Photos Of The Cast Of "Friends" Will Make You Wish It Was 1994 All Over Again
“Tag your best friends and tell them you'll be literally best friends FOREVER! #9gag”
This girl must be my twin! -  (27 Tumblr Responses That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good)
bestfriend forever and always! (:
Best Buds
Friendship Tattoo Ideas Friends Forever
Autistic children have distinctly different microbiome compared to healthy children. Studies show they have fewer healthy bacteria, and markedly higher levels of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) -Dr. Joseph Mercola #GutBacteria
The idea of BFF's (best friends forever) rubs me the wrong way. I don’t have a BFF, I don’t want a BFF, and - aside from Jesus and your spouse - I really don’t think you should have a BFF either. Read to find out why.
best friends.
Fantastic Four Math  Yes... I'll be invisible girl or the one who catches on fire:)
I miss my mocha
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BFF necklace
When you ever feel like I'm gonna leave remember we'll be friends until forever.
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