We're donating $1 to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) for every new user we get in the month of April.

We're donating $1 to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) for every new user we get in the month of April.

5 Amazing wolf Hybrids you have ever seen
il painting by Amy Judd
Win! Made these for my daughter for halloween. She was a pink furry wolf. She wore them for a month. :-)
Hearing a noise in the house when you're alone - The Oatmeal
Wolf Tattoo On Back | WOLF TATTOO. like the profile of it, not the tribal aspect
Teen wolf
This is fabulous! Wolf "smoke", black and white #photography
Costume Wolf Tail Tutorial - made with YARN! Can you believe it?!!! So easy! #anime #furry #tails
Site with Daily Writing Prompt Ideas-Manifest Destiny, for the chapter that needs totally revised?
Chiara Bautista *
Costume :: Fox Ears DIY tutorial. I dont like the use of the hot glue for these but this is def a good start.
what a pretty girl
Something about this just makes me smile. Maybe with wolves or ferrets or all different household animals pigpiled instead?
coach dragging Stiles by the ear lololol so funny GIF (4) Tumblr
Egg in a Biscuit Recipe
Jumping Mule Deer Decal. Would be a cool addition to a man cave, workshop or gun room.
A puppy and a posey! How much better could this picture get'
Call of the wolf
Hannah Wolf - Turtle and waves
Jaguar Tattooed by Javi Wolf
For centuries humans have feared wolves, even persecuting them until near-extinction, which begs the questions why are wolves so scary? Find out the myths and facts behind this fear.
The Wolf named Moose by SpritesVivre
Book art
Wolves: #Wolves, by garylsamples.
n Howling Wolf Dream Catcher (Hand Made) by TheInnerCat on DeviantArt
wolf tattoos | Tumblr. I might get this one just for my love!
Wolf Hybrid. I want this for my next dog.
"Let's face it: this is the ultimate breakfast pin," said Pinployee Laura Brunow Miner said of this egg in a biscuit recipe.
Electra. by ~YukkaWerewolf on deviantART
The Company of Wolves | Yeji Yun
#anime #illustration