Bokeh Technique~Step by Step Picture Tutorial result is blurred or hazy background. Crafter stenciled white circles to enhance effect.

Bokeh Technique~Step by Step Picture Tutorial result is blurred or hazy background. Crafter stenciled white circles to enhance effect.

Crochet pattern for a jute twine tote with star stitch pattern. Picture tutorial and video available to make the instruction easy to follow.
picture tutorial: make new fabric using your fabric savings & wee bits of offcuts that are too small to be useful (you can also cut up wee bits of fluffy wool, ribbon, sparkly threads etc.) and soluble fabric
You do know you can buy these clear glass containers at Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Max, etc for cheap.  And you already have the bulbs!  PS I go around the neighbor & collect pine cones, and I live in San Diego!
Tutorial - it's in Russian! And who cares about the Russian---this is way cool and the pictures are in eye ball!
step by step painting
Added By Kim Nguyen. My eyebrow picture tutorial @BLOOM.COM
Dollar Bill Crown - You Need: 40 Dollar bills = Make a "gum chain" with the bills then form into a circle, unfolding the final link and working it into the first link to complete the crown.
tutorial by Marta Collares, via Flickr
How to Make a Crocheted Dishcloth (picture tutorial) #makeyourown
How to Make Bunny Tail Cake Balls Step by Step Picture Tutorial...ADORABLE & EASY!
ulti-layered Ribbon Rose Picture Tutorial...
A Picture Tutorial on How I created this Card using Hero Arts Stamps and Inktense Pencils.
Top o’ the Mornin’ Throw
I've compiled a ton of great makeup tips and tricks that you probably don't know about. Lots of pictures, tutorials, and ideas! A lot of these are tips on how to get a natural look, as well as tips on how to camouflage imperfections, apply your ma
LAND OF COLOURS: Tutorial # 14 - Oh my! The most extensive photo tutorial for needle felting fairies I've seen!
invisible join
This is a great tutorial to show you how to make crocheted dishcloths! Follow the step by step pictures and you will be making your own cloths in no time!
look at the link for tutorial
Diagonal earrings.  Clear picture tute with easy peyote.  Good beginner project.  #seed #bead #tutorial
here's the original tutorial on how to make those big blown-up prints for really cheap - - Sugar Bee Crafts: Giant Picture - tutorial!
How to Make a Catfish Cake {Picture Tutorial} - You know, in case you ever NEED a cake in the shape of a catfish...
The BEST Homemade Play Dough Recipe {Picture Tutorial} | Fabulessly Frugal
Lavender and Lilac: Tutorial 3: Point to Point and Point Fern
cloth dolls
Tammy Tutterow Tutorial: How to Apply and Blend Distress Ink
Pequeño jardín con cactus - not in English, but terrific picture tutorial.
Sueli: Cajitas
Dehydrating Eggs
adorable crochet booties tutorial!
increase instructions (how to avoid holes) I need this! I cannot increase to save my life. So frustrating!
Crochet Stitch in Color - Chart ❥ 4U // hf
How to stack a double-barrel cake.
Pictures Tutorial on Making a Small Beaded Pearl Cross Pendant
"A very neat way to change yarn invisibly in crochet." comment via #KnittingGuru
Riciclo Creativo - Craft and Fun: Tutorial: Collana fatta con T-shirt Riciclate
Pebble Stitch Crochet Tutorial - (ooombawkadesigncrochet)
Beading color flower for jewelry and... picture tutorial
How To Make Butter At Home, Homemade Butter is so easy to make at home and save money too.....step by step picture tutorial.
How to Sew a V Neck T-shirt - Melly Sews - Video AND photo tutorial!
How to make a Kydex holster Picture Tutorial
Learn How to Change Colors in Crochet From Rescued Paw