pen west / Ed Mell
Nerd. I bet her bookbag is filled with books. Except for the long hair, that could be me.
lanie Made - Amy & Billy’s Wedding Celebration Invitation
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Never stop Dreaming
Coffee to Go on Behance
The two largest pieces of the Universe that we know the least about, yet nothing less than the ultimate fate of the Universe will be determined by them. (Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss)
Star Wars Illustrations by Konrad Kirpluk
A cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair.
Eddie from Iron Maiden
The da main production base class tutorial material can be a look, ... @ original painting to painting tutorial dream collection (359 Figure) _ petal illustration
Pose Tutorial
Illustrator Grace Lee packs the perfect picnic!
argaret Berg : florals / spring
The giraffe got a little hungry---Illustration by Cyril Rolando (a.k.a. AquaSixio) #NationalGoToAMuseumDay
Source: behance
leonard weisgard.
Great series of illustrations by Chinese artist Cun Shi
Gorgeously Detailed Illustrations Created Using Ballpoint Pens - My Modern Met
#Pregnancy at #full #term
Catskin (variation on Donkeyskin) by Erin Kelso
Print from Original Watercolor Fashion Illustration Modern Art Painting titled Life In Love. $22.00, via Etsy.
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vintage art, circa 1925 ...   "i love talking about nothing ... it is the only thing i know anything about"  ... ~oscar wilde
Skulls & Illusion
Pomegranate (Punica granatum) By Mary Daisy Arnold (1873–1955) 17 x 25 cm. Notes on original: From fruit stand. Date created: 1932-11-17. U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection. Rare and Special Collections, National Agricultural
Every print is cuter than the next. Elephant Bubbles 8x10 -- Art Print. $20.00, via Etsy trafalgarssquare.
anniversary art
Human Back - Human Body Anatomy Illustration
.Find some old tins or boxes. 2.Paint background with watercolors on watercolor paper. try to build many layers to give your box dimension. 3.Cut out illustrations from old books for the cities and features in your box. 4.On the bottom of the golden one I
watercolour, with black and white drawing
Walt Peregoy, the background artist in "101 Dalmatians" was a genius of color theory.
Robert Rahway Zakanitch
Pink goth girl original watercolor illustration by KreepshowArt, $26.00
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Ilustração Breaking Bad Guys, por Anthony Geoffroy #Illustration #BreakingBad #TV
“Más… que…” Exaggerated Comparisons in Spanish: Sayings and Illustrations | We have created a total of 22 illustrations for exaggerated comparison sayings. #SpanishSayings