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Wind power, solar power, and collected rain water.
How to Build a Wind Turbine for Your Science Fair?
89 Year-old Man designs bladeless wind turbine.  Catching Wind Power Farm, wind turbine, bladeless wind turbine, birds, conservation, design, renewable energy
Solar panels & a 1,800-watt wind turbine power a pump that brings the water from the 150-foot-deep well to a tank on the hill behind the house. The water then flows to the home as needed with gravity’s helping hand, La Boca sustainable community
Sitka, Alaska where we lived for 5 years. It's very seldom that sunny, though.
Wind generator for residential use.
Discreet Wind Turbines ... now the neighbors can't complain!
Build-it-yourself wind powered generator schematics.
Wind power, solar power, and collected rain water. Wow cool - I would love this
Do you want to stop making the power companies richer, while your hard earned money gets tossed to the wind? Save money on your electric and power costs but letting the wind work for you. Wind Plans will teach you how to make your own wind generator and s
Wind Turbine by Magenn
Cor, Miami - one of the most sustainable buildings in the world and beautiful
How to build your own solar panels that you can use to power your home.  How to build a 500W, 800W, or even 1500Watt wind turbine.  How to design a renewable energy system to fit part, or all, of your power needs.  The EASY way to reduce your dependency o
ake Your Own Wind Turbine
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The SmartBox Wind Turbine installs on a rooftop or pole, plugs directly into a 120 volt outlet, and produces 40 kilowatt hours a month of energy output.
home-built an electricity producing Wind turbine
Build a Simple Backyard Wind Turbine #DIY
London-based manufacturer Poduhvat has developed a wind turbine which they claim can produce five times more energy than traditional wind turbines with the same rotor size. The contra-rotating Whetar turbine is almost completely silent and it can generate
Small alternative energy hybrid systems for homes. Perfect set up geographically and weatherly for this type of dealio
DIY: wooden alternator (step by step guide).
West Ladies from Tennessee.  They homestead a 90 acre farm without electricity and are such an inspiration.
Lunch for 2 -butterfly and bat. What a totally stunning pic!
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Rusty Flower Garden
Sleek Wooden Wind Turbine would look great in our yard. My long term goal is to use as much solar and wind energy as possible to power our home. I would love to be 'off the grid'.
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How to build an electricity producing Wind Turbine.