Versailles ~ Marie Antoinette's cottage at the Petit Trianon's Hameau de la Reine, France

Versailles ~ Marie Antoinette's cottage at the Petit Trianon's Hameau de la Reine, France

Queen Marie-Antoinette’s Bedchamber at Versailles. You can see, against the back wall, the monumental jewelry case she ordered. On the mantel, a bust of the Queen. Above the mirror, a portrait of Joseph II, her brother. Portraits of Louis XVI and Empress
Washi tape frames
arie Antoinette's Village, Versailles - France
Princess Diana
Cotton Candy hair
Plaster and passamenterie obsession Versailles : Marie Antoinette’s Chateau, the Petit Trianon (via The Swelle Life)
Gothic Marie Antoinette Peacock Fantasy Gown by RomanticThreads, $950.00
Chairs originally from Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon theatre created by the Jacob family.
Another beautiful frame with vintage jewelry!
Charming little French cottage
arie Antoinette
arie Antoinette Shoes
Perfect ♥
arie Antoinette's Faberge Sapphire imperial ring
Fancy cupcakes
arie Antoinette, purse, crazy quilting
Austin Young is a photographer based in Los Angeles. The 45-year-old artist was born in Reno, and picked up an eclectic taste for glamor. His work is a photojournalistic documentation of trans culture in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Young
adame Élisabeth et Marie Antoinette s'embrassant by Alexandre Moitte, about 1780 (Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille France)
So pretty! The skirt looks almost messy, but is so expertly arranged that it's elegant and pretty.
The key to the Petit Trianon. Given to Marie-Antoinette by her husband Louis XVI in June of 1774. When he gave it to her there was a ribbon on it with 531 diamonds.
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Versailles, France
Backdrop, floral lights, floral hair..Over the Top Marie Antoinette Inspired Tablescape
arie Antoinette’s Private Theater,  Versailles, France
Gainsborough Girls, Anne Siems, 2006
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arie Antoinette Wedding Cake - A purple ombre Marie Antoinette wedding cake decorated with large roses, gold cherubs and gold swags.
Breathlessly Stunning Victorian Lamp, this is why I love the Victorian Era. Everything is so ornate and beautiful.
arie Antoinette and "The Affair of the Necklace" ignited the French Revolution. This is the original piece.
Tim Walker.
Cupcakes Take The Cake: Cameos and feathers on Marie Antoinette inspired cupcakes
Were I to endure long hair again, this is a style I would love to adopt.
Gold locket with the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette: British Museum
I paint - Hair that's kinda amazing!
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