Burg Sooneck is a Medieval Castle in Germany

Burg Sooneck is a Medieval Castle in Germany

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inside Magdeburg Cathedral illuminated for the yearly event called 'night of the lights' Germany
Tetris Apartments / OFIS arhitekti
Rhine River Castle - Germany
that sounds amazing omg
Dresden, Germany
A small group of US heroes rescue European culture! :) That's how Hollywood spinned a half-hearted US attempt to salvage some of the monuments they themselves were destroying with daily bombing raids. Paintings destined for German museums, would not h
Burning books in Bochum, Germany, in 1933.
Berchtesgadener Land ~ Bavaria, Germany
Burg Eltz (Eltz Castle), Germany
German archaeologists have uncovered the beautifully preserved horse’s head from a Roman equestrian statue. The life-size statue is gold-plated bronze, and they also found the foot of the rider, thought to be Augustus. “This bronze sculpture counts among
John Pawson's white minimalist refurbishment of St Moritz Church in Augsburg
#Viagem. Berlin, Germany
Eidelweiss Lodge & Resort, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
#lampwork #beads
Professor Dezso George-Falvy of Mississippi State University in a German Horten Ho IV glider - one of two to survive the Second World War. (1960)
DIY/HOW TO - Backpack Through Europe On A Budget - Southern Blog Society
The Obersee Lake | Bavaria, Germany
Patterson Mak
Lake Königssee, Bavaria, Germany
ust Try Food in Munich, Germany
Schwerin Castle in Schwerin, Germany
Black Forest Waterfall, Germany
ay Wine. "traditionally drunk for May Day celebrations in Germany (and also, an old pagan drink, I believe)" chilled german white wine,  sweet woodruff, strawberries
A gaggle of geese
abandoned ~
V 8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany | 16 Hotels That Are So Cool You'll Want To Stay Forever
Weimar, Thuringia, Germany
Ramsau in the Bavarian Alps
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Neuschwanstein's Castle! in GERMANY - been there, loved it.
geese....French farmhouse
yland Castle, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Lighthouse in Lindau!
Colmar in Alsace, France
Alsace, France
Inkwell ca. 1580, German
aibaum, Bayern (Maypole, Bavaria)
unich, Germany
30 of the most fabulous and unique bridges of the world.  This one is the Bastei Bridge in Germany
I would LOVE to visit Germany someday!!! Both sides of the family are from Germany and I would love to visit a part of my heritage!!
Walther Klemm (1883 -1957) Heron, 1910. Woodcut. ***yesterday, a heron slowly stalked my place before the little lake...didn't see me watching quietly***down into the marsh he strode on stilts in silence, oh so softly shhhhh...15.9.14