ake it in a Mug Recipe Round-Up

ake it in a Mug Recipe Round-Up

New Cake Mug Recipes, Diet-Friendly Desserts for One | Hungry Girl
Just because you are trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you can have dessert right? I went to the drawing board to see what I could come up with. After several attempts I finally figured it out! Wa...
best brownie in a mug recipe OK I actually tried this and its AMAZING! But unless you plan on adding chocolate chips you might want a little pinch more sugar
Easy mug recipes for any college student in a dorm or apartment #dormroomdining
Banana Bread In A Mug | 18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug
tried 3/6
Recipe for just ONE Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - this cookie is AWESOME and so easy to make! It tastes just like the big ones from the bakery.
5 Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie in a mug. - Literally went & tried this within minutes of finding this link...Delish!
30+ Mug Recipes - amazing desserts you can make in the microwave!..check this amazing site out and follow the blogger on pinterest for "to-die-for" recipes!
Coffee Cake in a Mug Recipe - Key Ingredient
very vanilla cake
icrowave Brownie in a Cup. These "cup" recipes are great when just want a little something :-)
AC in a MUG: 1/3 c.pasta, 1/2 c.water, 1/4 c.milk, 1/2 c. shredded cheese. pasta & water in bowl-micro 2 mins. stir. repeat til water is gone. add milk & cheese. stir. micro 1 min. Best thing ever!! love it so simple and easy and it tasted amazing
Trim Healthy Mama S {Waffles or Pancakes!} - Sheri Graham
30 Microwavable Mug Recipes (this is going to get me in trouble)!
“Baked” Oatmeal In A Mug
A Brownie In A Mug may be the best recipe I have seen in a long time. They are really simple - so happy I found this recipe. Very quick and easy but there is a little trick to doing it right.
18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug. Genius. Now all I need is a microwave.
icrowave Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup