Doctor Whooves Dr Who My Little Pony Friendship is by charity2, on Etsy
dr who knitting patterns
Personalized Tumbler 16 oz. Acrylic Cup by DesignzbyLynn on Etsy, $12.50
See it?
Dr Who
Samanthat would probably make this gingerbread house A Christmas-themed Tardis gingerbread house
Doctor Who Women's Boyfriend Tardis Sweater
small* obsession. l I don't think anyone realized just how much I actually love it.. Probably because I don't show it as much as I feel it. Hence the pin.
Wholock gone... wrong? I want the Doctor to HELP Sherlock, not turn into Moriarty and try to kill him... <== I wanna see Sherlock done with Doctor Who cast members and vice versa. Can u imagine?? :D
TARDIS Needle Gauge
Walking Dead and 42 other tv show workouts, such as Friends, Dr Who, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls & lots more.
Doctor Who Scarf. Official color breakdown in an inexpensive worsted acrylic. Gonna make one for my father-in-law. He named his daughter (my wife) Tegan, after a character. He's quirky. I think he'd love it.
This is a fantastic picture of the one and only acceptable time machine space ship. The TARDIS!
Geeky cake tutorials? Count me in
Dr. Who Tardis Typography by yellowharbor on Etsy
Doctor Who enemies infographic
love these things.
“Yeah, well, stuck with you, that’s not so bad…”  -  Rose and TenToo ♥
Cuddle The Doctor with this pillow! And 21 Doctor who crafts. @Kristina Basham @Carole Kreider @Sarah Bledsoe
Dr Who Tardis Hand Etched Bottle from a by ConversationGlass. CONsole Room #auction idea
Tomorrow will be a REALLy big day for ALL Whovians!!
April 23. I will do this!<< This will be an awesome way to celebrate my birthday >.< If i'm not sick T^T
Let Go  Let God who-dr-who I am working on my sense of humor.
A book is actually just a Tardis.
Police Box Navel Belly Button Ring inspired by Dr Who and the TARDIS
This is awesom
dr who memes | Doctor-Who-meme-im-sorry-not-even-the-tardis-can-translate-your ...
Doctor Who Nursery
Dalek Nails
David Tennant. Because do you really need a reason to repin David Tennant? That if-only-all-life-were-as-simple-and-beautiful-as-this-thing-Im-looking-at face.
If anyo e were to get my anything in the pic I would love them forever!
att Smith
The Doctor and his companions
Terrarium project - with an added Doctor Who bonus! Makes me think of the Time of the Angels...Amy sitting in the middle of a forest, eyes closed, counting down...
The Doctor's Stonehenge speech. I watched this on Syfy, and I didn't really know what it was, and I thought he was a funny little man, but I thought, "This speech is amazing." And I did some looking around and went back to 9 (I'm cur
Doodle Craft...: Custom Rubber Stamps! My Tardis!
dr who funnies - Yahoo! Search Results
DIY mason jar snow globe!
POTD - May 3rd. So at work today, we celebrated my birthday and our office manager Jane got a Doctor Who themed cake. I'm amazed that she got someone at Metro Market who was as big of a Whovian as me. It made everyone at the office have blue mouth tho