Tokyo Ghoul | Ken Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul | Ken Kaneki

I kind of like this drawing but it disturbs me that I can tell if its a guy or a girl !
Juuzou Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo ghoul uta
Keep Calm And Have A Cup Of Coffee by Meeerleee on DeviantArt
Haise Sasaki | Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul
993. 986. 979. 972. 965. 958. *cries*
5 nights at freddy's | If the animations in Five Nights at Freddy's were humans in an anime ...
Tokyo Ghoul ♥ Room of Ghouls : Photo
Kaneki | Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu
unravel by h-yde on deviantART
kaneki aaa ♥ is it bad that I rlly liked the torture scenes in tokyo ghoul #inthemangaanyway
I don't like coffe but this is amazing
Tsukiyama Shuu & Kaneki Ken (TsukiKane / ShuuNeki) - Tokyo Ghoul / Toukyou Kushu
unravel - Tokyo Ghoul by randyhuang
Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay - Phantasee Red Black Sclera Lens Gremlin
you can tell i really love a character if i bother to add a background
Tokyo Ghoul ☆ Keneki Ken ;d This was done by one of my fav digital artist on deviantart as well! X)
Touka from Tokyo Ghoul. I've been obsessed with this manga lately. Can't wait to watch the anime.
Tokyo ghoul  Tokyo ghoul:Re just came out and the second season is coming out in January 2015
Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu - Kaneki Ken
Tokyo Ghoul Suzuya Juuzou
Tokyo Ghoul - I heard the opening song to this anime for the first time today and it's really got me hooked. I really want to start watching this.
pixiv id=46012863 东京...
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