Love this cinder block garden! Could totally use on back patio... if I could wrap all the ones that stick out in bubble wrap so that Ro doesn't hit his head...

Love this cinder block garden!  Could totally use on back patio... if I could wrap all the ones that stick out in bubble wrap so that Ro doesn't hit his head...

Raised Garden Bed Tutorial
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Cinderblock raised beds how-to, very nice layout with instructions, plus how-to on the mosaic decoration
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WHO KNEW Cinder Blocks could be so awesome??
Love these raised beds!
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A garden need not cost the earth, by using recycled material such as pallets and cinder blocks you can create an amazing place - #DIYGardenIdeas
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Concrete block bench--so easy!
Cinder block garden.
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Create Your Own Cinder Block Bench
for a raised garden bed
Pepper plants would do awesome in cement containers like this. One pepper to a brick. They would thrive on the extra heat from the concrete.  :[) Simple and inexpensive way to grow herbs or in my case succulents. If you are a crafty person you can mosiac
Cinder block ideas. Like the outdoor uses.
DIY gas fire table or wall made with cinder block, no pan necessary!
50+ things to make from Cement / Concrete and Cinder Blocks #DIY @savedbyloves
Check out this super easy Raised bed garden design! And you can put little flowers in the cinder block holes as a cute, colorful border @TimEmineth
This outdoor room looks expensive. but that's just what the homeowner wants you to think. Inexpensive building materials such as gravel, cinder blocks, and pressure-treated wood form the backbone of the design. Tile backboard and salvaged plywood, sta
DIY: Outdoor seating (with instructions). With basically cinder blocks, 4x4 lumber, and pillows.
DIY Raised Garden Beds With Cinder Blocks... great blog, tons of good tips and DIY...
How to make a cinder block raised garden with color!
Do you have a pile of cinder block taking up space in your garage or crawlspace? Sweep out the cobwebs and create a beautiful living wall. Just stack and fill with your favorite potted plants.
filling the cinder block with chicken wire and landscape fabric for the plants
Regards et Maisons Concrete Table
Seamless Space
The Basement: DIY Outdoor Bench - in less than an hour
Cinder block bench. Cute
I'm thinking concrete blocks might be easier than building wooden raised beds
DIY In Ground Fire Pit.  This could be such fun!
Easy and you can use each little square as a self contained spot as well.  Like it!
clever concrete block bench for only $30.
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Raised Garden bed with cinder blocks
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