Aww this adorable mini schnauzer taking a nap so cute even when they are sleeping❤️
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Poppy the Black Miniature Schnauzer
Chocolate Toy Schnauzer
Cushing's Disease- more Cushin' for the pushin. Cats, Dogs, Horses and Humans= Cushings Hump and Pot Belly!
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Pretty! I'm getting Zoey's hair cut like this next time she gets groomed!!
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A Miniature Schnauzer, one of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds for kids.
Yuki B-Day by Melissa Heard #Miniature #Schnauzer
ixed Media dog-love it!!
iniature Schnauzer
Whoever said: "It's only a dog" Obviously, never loved a Miniature Schnauzer.
Schnauzer Baby OMG!!!
Rub my belly please!
How to create a Schnauzer on the Rainbow Loom by Lovely Lovebird Designs. Copyright 2014. Please Subscribe! I will be making more dog breeds. : )
✨aww what an adorable little white mini schnauzer ✨
Growing Puppies - Virginia Schnoodle Breeder --Hypoallergenic Dogs: The Apricot Schnoodle I need to do some research on these dogs to see if they are truly hypoallergenic. Cute! Intriguing!
Scottish Terrier ♥
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white schnauzer | White female miniature schnauzer purple neck rope #2674284
Schnauzer  Stampin' Up!
Giant Schnauzer...these guys have my heart. :)
we are discussing getting one if Phil isn't allergic to this Hypoallergenic dog. He is a Giant Schnauzer. Best part is every day I could tell him "Your beard is good" :-)
Black - Scottie - A forgotten breed?
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The Apricot Schnoodle: Easily trained, don't shed, hypoallergenic, can be trained as therapy dogs
No One Over There is Giving Me Any Food by Kathryn Willis #Miniature #Schnauzer
Teacup Schnauzer Puppy
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