Frog Saturday night fever : This rhythmic reptile was caught strutting its stuff on a branch in Indonesia.

Frog Saturday night fever : This rhythmic reptile was caught strutting its stuff on a branch in Indonesia.

A pygmy seahorse hiding in the coral branches. (Fia Bajet Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia) by Christopher J. Crowley
Kerobokan ~ Bali, Indonesia
Squat lobster in Indonesia ocean animals #best #meditative #ocean #animals #interesting #beautiful #things
Balinese girls
Top 10 Things To Do In Bali- monkey sanctuary, butterfly pavilion. so many great things.
Bali, Indonesia
Chestnut-breasted Mannikins - Australia #birds #birdlovers #birdwatcher #birdphotography
What to pack for a trip to Southeast Asia, including Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
Indonesia ,Bali
Secluded beach in Bali.  #beautiful #nature #travel #tours #world #destination #amazing #places
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, or Pura Bratan, is a major Shivaite and water temple on the island of Bali, Indonesia. #Hindu #photography
Amazing Staircase at Pura Lempuyang, Bali
Absolutely Amazing - The Turquoise Paradise in Bali, Indonesia. I would love to go back with the kids.
Brama Vihara Arama Buddhist Temple outside Lovina, Bali, Indonesia. There is an outdoor sink at this temple which instead of a mirror above it has a view of the whole valley - beautiful
Uma by Como Resort in Bali, Indonesia
Semporna, Sabah in Borneo, Indonesia.
Font Friday: Besom // Hi Friends, look what I just found on #typography! Make sure to follow us Moire Studios to see more pins like this | Moire Studios is a thriving website and graphic design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Some amazing pool or another.
unt Bromo, Surabaya, Indonesia
ubud, bali....I'm very lucky I was able to see such an amazing, beautiful place! (not my picture, but did get to see the rice fields)
TWS & Partners . split house
Borobudur - Indonesia
by Helen Nelson-Reed | Bottom Necklace; pendant is from Afghanistan, vintage, hand made of alpaca (silver metal alloy). Other beads include antique African trade beads made in Italy during the 2nd half of the 19th century, old Indian silver filled with wa
A floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions, and are chiefly found i
Zebra Finch
Bunaken National Marine Park in Indonesia.
Absolutely Amazing - The Turquoise Paradise in Bali, Indonesia...we need to paddle here!
Share on FacebookShare on PinterestShare on Twitter Our 10 most amazing places on Earth will blow your mind. Check out our 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth list to see just how amazing our planet can be. 10. Bukovel, Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine 9. Pianem
Lotus blossom waterfall in Bali, Indonesia
Lake Toba  the largest resurgent caldera on Earth, situated on the Island of Sumatra. In the center of its waters, you’ll have the chance to visit the largest island within an island, hosting two other lakes. #travel 2
Absolutely Amazing - The Turquoise Paradise in Bali, Indonesia.
Chestnut-breasted Mannikins - Australia
Bali Mynah- is restricted to the island of Bali in Indonesia, where it is the island's only endemic vertebrate species.   Critically endangered.  Photo by cm2852
"Gitgit Twin Waterfalls and Emerald pool, Bali, Indonesia" I really wanna go here!
Elephant Safari Park - Bali - (This pin leads to a tourist site, supposedly in Tegallalang, Ubud Bali,but I don't know if that's correct, as Ispent a couple of months in Ubud and never heard of it. Hmmm... )
15. Also known as The Sunda flying lemur, the Sunda Colugo is not actually a lemur and does not fly. Instead, it glides as it leaps among trees. It is strictly arboreal, is active at night, and feeds on soft plant parts such as young leaves, shoots, flowe
Rumah Adat or "traditional houses" of Indonesia By Kauwan On Deviantart
Top Things to See and Do in Ubud Bali | The Blonde Abroad
Campanula - easy to grow & self seeds